Four Memorial Service "Even if petals fall, flowers do not fall"
Spiral Akira Concert "Millennials"


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The four memorials to be performed this time, "Flowers Do Not Fall Even If Petals Fall", is a work composed by the contemporary musician Yasuno Miyauchi, composed in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, by adding "Shinkei and Nembutsu" to "Song", "Ska", "Bonon", and "Tin Cane" recited at the Todaiji Daibutsu Opening Memorial Service in 752. The lyrics of the Waka poems of their mothers who died in the
tsunami quietly look at the lives and deaths of people and pray for requiem. The words of Buddha's wisdom written in the oldest song recorded in Japan and the Waka poems of parents and children born from the death of death responded through the ages, and became a modern dawn song that proclaimed the activities of life connected to the universe.


four memorial service "Flowers do not fall even if petals fall"
Yasuno Miyauchi composition "Sea fog sanko" and "Sea fog direction"

song (Tendai, Shingon), Ska (Tendai, Shingon), Bonon (Tendai), "Kaigiri Sanko (2012)", Bonon (Shingon), Tin Cane (Shingon), Gouta (Tendai), Aishesai (Tendai), Tin Cane (Shingon), Kanwaka Shinkyo (Shingon), Sankiku Nembutsu (Tendai), Ko nembutsu (Tendai), "Kaigiri Mako (2021)"

Sea Fog I'm going up the surface of the river and pecking around the earth Junko Sato
Across the equinox, it is scattered with the dust of the milky way Sato Sato

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Statement Meeting, Millennial


composition? Yasuno Miyauchi ? Composition and direction? Hiromi Tamura


2021/11/30 (Tue) 〜2021/12/1 (Wed)

Tuesday, November 30 20:30
Dec 01 (Wed) 20:30
※Doors open 30 minutes before the start

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