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Maria's Neck - A Song That Thinks of Nagasaki in a Phantom -

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The premiere of Chikuo Tanaka's "Maria's Neck: A Song Of Thinking of Nagasaki in a Phantom" was performed at the Actor's Theater in 1959 by the Gekidan Rookie of the Year. Urakae Cathedral and the "remains" of the Cathedral, which was as deeply saddened as the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima.
in a pamphlet at the performance of the Actor's Seat in 1973 entitled "Vision, It Is The Realism of Cruelism", "On the day when the remnants of the Cathedral in Urakagu, which seemed to be most effective for peace, were informed that they would disappear at all, I would like to receive a statue of Keloid Maria here, I have determined so", and then "If it is at least in a phantom, wipe the dry blood of the atomic bomb with you, There will be no inhalations of a painful breath together."
story is set in Nagasaki and winter in 1958. The main characters of the play are three women, and the appearance that everyone raises their voices without accepting fate has a keenness that is similar to modern women.
This performance was performed following the movie "Prayer" released this summer due to the new coronavirus. This is the second joint performance between Family Arts (K Mumbu), which works in the same way as the film, and the theater planning group M's Crew, following the collaboration work "Guest of July" with Ito Ayazri Dolls, which participated in the first Oiu Geigaku Festival in 2019.

story is Nagasaki in 1958. Winter, 13 years after the atomic bombing. The main character is three women. Its not everyone speaks out without accepting fate. On the day they were informed that the remnants of urakagami's cathedral, which seemed most effective for peace, would disappear at all...

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Nasuno Megumi?? smoke? Group Circle? Takami Shinjo?? smoke? Group Circle? Moeko Saito?? G M's Crew? Mio Takahashi ??? Gang Bunkaza? Saori Ogawa ??? Gang Bunkaza? Minowa Nahoe ? Onorumi ? Katsu Shimamura ? Masayuki Kikuchi ? Yoshida Michihiro?? Unajuku? Satoshi Imai ? Hayabusa Aoki ? Hiroto Omori ? Tomoya Ishii ? Nikichi Kondo


work? Tanaka Chikao ? Stage script or direction? Eiji Minami


2021/10/20 (Wed) 〜2021/10/24 (Sun)

Wednesday, October 20 18:30
13:30 / 18:30<> October 23 (Sat) 13:30 / 18:30
*Doors open 45 minutes before the show opens.

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