Old Man Project
Kanazawa Hosho-ryu Special Performance Noh "O"

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Performance content

a one-day "old man" Kanazawa / Hosho style special performance Noh "<"
Ishikawa Prefecture Government Memorial Guest House Special Stage Will Be Held!

13:30 ~ Advance explanation
14:00 ~
* During the performance of "O", you can not enter or leave.

break 20 minutes

kyogen "Hagi Daimyo" (Izumi style)
semi-functional "Raiden" (Hosho style)

(scheduled to end around 16:10)

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Old man (Hosho school)? Houwu Kazuhide*?Komanzou"Ino Hiroyoshi*?Kokennosuke%. Takahiro TaZ Koma Yuki Hideaki ¥Z Koma Shunsuke 100%?X Takashi 6thayo"Ino Yuno"Ino Gengi- 縲*Ritani Tetsuya 縲%n Tanabe∝ Toshihiko 17 M Toshihiko%? Eken Masamasa#Akito Mura £Y Kotaro ? Kyogen "Hagi Daimyo" (Izumi style)? Nomura Manjo*?Komannojo#Akito Mura £Y Tetsuo ? Yu Sano & Toyoo Sugi °C Kazuo Ishi♀ ♀ Masei Shinkuro 縲¢蜻q Keinosukesuke#梺 J 曉ao 縲%?Komei Hiroaki?? Eken Masamasa "LJima Katsueijo?? n Y?to%n Shigeto Watanabe "Genji Ino



2021/11/18 (Thu)

Thursday, November 18 Open 13:00 / Start 14:00

*13:30 - Advance Explanation

Ticket Fee

S seat: 10,000 yen
A seat: 7,000 yen
B seat: 5,000 yen
(unreserved seats in the area, tax included)

※ All seats
This ticket is [Phone reservation] are also available.
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)

+ Ticketing Fee


Ishikawa Prefectural Government Memorial Noki State Guest House Special Stage


・In case of fine weather, it will be held outdoors, so please wear warm clothes. and "O". performances. Please understand it beforehand.
, video shooting will enter on the day. Please note that , performers, etc.

, in case of rain, the venue is changed to Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater

this performance will be held in accordance with the government's guidelines for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. The contents may be changed depending on the spread of infection.
/ The latest holding status is (okina-pj.com)/b> Check .

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