The 72nd Performance of Theatrical Company Shikiki
Heart and Earth Lost Love / Sudden


Performance content

"Heart and Earth - Lost Love, Sudden"
theatrical company change faces modern "love", the final part is to space!

In this work "Heart and Earth - Lost Love, Hurry", the change moves its stage to space.
highly developed capitalism does not know where to stay, laughs as human beings are under its control, and foresees the near future, which has become an unstoppable wonder that no one can stop
What is the future of humanity? How does a person's mind maintain humanity in an enhanced management society?
and the earth is polluted as much as it pollutes, the earth is fallen into the garbage pool of slave labor, and it is man or the reality of capitalism that can not be gained to open a new ground to space only by ourselves? The faceless existence is exquisitely intertwined
, and a unique universe appears.
An attempt to enter the world of science fiction connected to reality somewhere in the era of corona where the exit is not visible, explore the question
, and dig into it with the body. We will deliver it as an unprecedented science fiction work that can only be drawn with a "change
body" that is serious, somewhere loving, and floating while being indigenous.

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Kim Jing-ri ? Yusuki Koizumi ? Masaya Shimomura ? Mukai Nozomu ? Watanabe Ayado? Hayato Ikeda ? Kaori Taoka ? Hiroyuki Atsuta ? Yuki Yamazaki ? Aftertalk guest? Tatsufumi Fujiwara?? January 12 (Fri) 7:30 p.m.? %S Hide?? January 13 (Sat) 14:00?E?′Hikaru Hikaru Hikaru Hita?? January 13 (Sat.) 6:30 p.m.?


Writing, directing or artistic director? Kim Jing-ri ? performance? Naoki Nakajima?? R N'Travas? sound? Katsufumako


2021/11/12 (Fri) 〜2021/11/14 (Sun)

Friday, November 12, 19:30★
14:00 ● / 18:30 ◆
November 14 (Sun) 13:00

※ Reception starts 60 minutes before the start and 30 minutes before the start.
※ After talk after the performance:
★=Tatsushi Fujiwara (Associate Professor, Institute of Humanities, Kyoto University) × Kin ●=Tetsuhide (artist) × Kinyori
◆=Hikaru Toda (Film Director) × Kinri

Ticket Fee

General: 3,500 yen
22 years old and under: 2,500 yen
12 years old and under: 1,000 yen
disability / caregiver: 3,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)
/> and various discounts are required at the reception on the day
and disabled people have a notebook. Up to one person with a disability (ticket purchase required)
※ 500 yen discount each by presenting the theater company change support support membership card. Cashback

Tickets for this [Phone reservation] are also available.
(weekdays 10:00-18:00)

+ Ticketing Fee


AI HALL Itami City Theater Hall


・ The number of seats that can be seen in a wheelchair is limited. Advance reservation required for theatrical company type
[Theater company type (wheelchair seat reservation only) 06-6320-0344]

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