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Symphonic Bard "Kaze no Uta" A cappella concert "Anything Field"

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Folk songs and folk songs from Japan and around the world, songs that have been sung by many people

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Kumiko Nabeshima ? Wind Song Member


Itoko Nabeshima


2021/11/24 (Wed)

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 14:30 start / 19:00 start

※ Doors open 30 minutes before the start
※ Performance time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Advance: 3,500 yen
1,000 yen discount! 3,500 yen → canfeti seat 2,500 yen!
(all seats are free, tax included)

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OmiRakudo (Tokyo Opera City 3F)


Organizations Overview

A transparent sounding space, a sound in which cells vibrate and resonate in the subconscious. Just as organic food is, we aim for additive-free, natural music.
concerts throughout Japan, including Austria, Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyazaki and Saga. For about 30 years, he has held regular performances in Tokyo twice a year.
The characteristic of the harmony of "Song of the Wind" is that you listen to the voices of others thoroughly. Unfortunately, even if you make a sound without listening to other people's voices and sounds, the space of beautiful harmony and fluctuation as a whole is unfortunately not born. By listening thoroughly to each other's listening, the three-dimensional effect of sound and the sound that shoot through the center of people's consciousness are created, and rich music is born.
I hope you can taste the original scenery of the heart by the transparent and three-dimensional sound and the sound of many songs.


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