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"Tamura Kiri" Haruhiko Hasegawa "Cicada Maru" Norinaga Umewaka "Kakyo Kurui" Yutaka Nakamura Noh "Kikujido Yubuinoraku" Umewaka Mansadaharu
Kyogen "Kombu-rou" Yamamoto Taitaro
Noh "Yamaba Yukitsuki Hanabuyuki" Yasushi Umewaka

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The finish "Kiri Tamura"? Haruhiko Hasegawa ? The finish "Cicada Round"? Norinaga Umewaka ? The finish "Kakyo Kurui"? Yutaka Nakamura ? Noh "Kikujido Yumai noraku"? Umewaka Mansakoaru ? Kyogen "Kombu seller"? Taitaro Yamamoto ? Noh "Yamaba Yukigetsu Hananomai"? Yasushi Umewaka


Umewaka Kennokai Office


2021/12/16 (Thu)

Thursday, December 16, Reiwa 14:00 End 17:50

*Doors open 60 minutes before the show

Ticket Fee

1,000 yen discount! reserved seat A: 7,000 yen → Canfeti A seat: 6,000 yen!
500 yen discount! Reserved seat B: 6,000 yen → Canfeti B seat: 5,500 yen!
Canfeti A seats (students): 4,000 yen
Canfetti B seats (students): 3,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)

★ Web reservations and telephone reservations can be accepted either ★
Phone reservation: 0120-240-540* Toll free
(business hours weekdays 10:00-18:00 * Operator available)

["Moba Pass (Electronic Ticket)" selectable performance] (*card payment only)
If you are using it for the first time, you need to install the application "Mobapas" (free) provided by LINK STATION and register the app number on the member My Page. There is no problem even after booking. * If you use "Moba Pass", you are not eligible for the ticket purchase service.
("Moba Pass ("Electronic Ticket)" (for more information <>
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Organizations Overview

The history of the Umewaka Manzaburo family, the predecessor of the Umewaka Kennokai, dates back to about 600 years. There are various theories about the origin, but left minister Hashi moro brother is the founder. The first generation Manzaburo was the eldest son of the 53rd real, but he gave the head family to his younger brother Rokuro and woke up the present Manzaburo family. Since the establishment of kennokai in January 1948, it counts 155 performances until the 1944 war was closed due to intensification of the war. It reopened on the Matsudaira family stage in Somei in 1946, and has continued to perform every month until today. It was reorganized into a foundation in October 1974 and has been certified by the Cabinet Office in April 2012.


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