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Pantomime Activity 55th Anniversary Performance
Phantom Butterfly

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The original pantomime has been re-performed for 43 years since its premiere. The eight works performed on the Noh stage with live 11-string guitars have received high praise overseas, overturning the image of pantomime so far.
A short story of a gem like no other that spins fragments of life with tears and laughter in a poetic heart.

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pantomime? Kiyoyoshi Shimizu ? Playing 11-string guitar? Mikio Tsuji ? Title appearance? Yamada Toshi


illumination? Naoya Tachikawa ? Stage director? Tatsuya Kikawa ? clothing? Masako Nakagawa ? other


2022/2/5 (Sat)

Feb. 05 (Sat) 18:3<0br />
※Doors open 30 minutes before the show *Performance time: about 120 minutes

Ticket Fee

[There are many good seats! ]
Special advance reserved seat
A seat: 5,500 yen/ B seat: 4,500 yen / C seat: 3,500 yen
non-reserved seat
A seat: 5,000 yen / B seat: 4, 000 yen / C seat: 3,000 yen
(tax included)
※ 500 yen discount for each seat under 18 years old
★ web reservation / telephone reservations can be accepted either ★ Phone Reservation: 0120-240-540* Toll Free
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00 *Operator available)

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Kanze Noh Theater


※ About the middle front seat ※

Usually, in the case of noh stage, the eye pillar becomes a blind spot, and the middle front seat is a seat that is difficult to see, but in this performance, we decided to perform without a blind spot, so it is possible to see the stage without blind spots from any seat.

However, due to the design of the Noh theater, it is difficult to see the "fried curtain" that goes out on the bridge from the seat of a part (C seat) in front of the middle. "fried curtain" There are some performances, so please understand it.

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He has lectured mainly on Kiyoyoshi Shimizu's solomime in Japan and overseas.


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