PLAY/GROUND Creation #2
"Navy Pier at Wharf"

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Performance content

I have something to show you. I want you to read it. Right now.
?Navy Pier was the title of the story. Martin and Kurt major in English literature at

university. They talked about everything.
was hooked on girls, addicted to air hockey, and was into literature.
"find your voice," he said. Martin likes

redheads. Kurt attracted to brunette.
redhead iris begins to live with carts. Brunette Liv falls in love with Martin.

Chicago, San Francisco, New York. Young people wandering in search of a place.
how did you get here? Has it reached the present? .

?I'm going to start from the beginning.

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※ Drama notation order / appearance order ? side-A? Takaya Aoyagi♂ Riechi Fuji £?Rosion 縲%n Kunito Hen ? side-B? Nagashima Shugoro¢蜥 J Mai-ryo $Huzan Renka♀ Tatsuya ♀ ? side-C? Kento Shibuya*恬 ?"Saku#Miyuki Ehata@Kohei Muta


work? John Corwin ? Translation and direction? Yuro Inoue?? yside-A,B】? Egh?£r MinakoUchi?? yside-C】? ? Translation? Sotaro Tanaka ? Moving Director? Sakitomo Kimura?? yside-C】? ? music? Orenograffiti?? yside-A,B】? E-? ∴ Junya Koya?? yside-A,B】? E-? <g Ray McGee?? yside-C】? ? art? Michiko Inada ? illumination? Takayuki Toyama ? sound? Ai Imazato ? costume? Mito Koizumi ? Hair? Kei Kouda ? Director assistant? Yuko Takeda £Kazuhiro Nana ? Stage director? Tomomi Toriyo ? Propaganda art? Kantaro Fujio ? Still shooting? Moe Hosaka ? Promotional video shooting? Hirata Junya, anyuhi 縲#n KotaBa ? Propaganda photo styling? Iwata Yuyu AKURO ? Promotional photo Hair and makeup? Kokubuta Keisuke♂ ♂ Yamagoichi¢O Kawa Yasuyuki ? Documentary footage? Sai kodo ? Program editing and writing? Koichi Imai ? Stage license? Theatre Lights ? Production cooperation? Haruka Omori°ー Fuji Reiko ? producer? Atsuko Saito ? Planning and production? Playground Creation ? Agency for Cultural Affairs "ARTS for the future!" Subsidized projects


2021/12/18 (Sat) 〜2021/12/26 (Sun)

12/18(土) 19:30A
12/19(日) 12:00B/15:30A
12/20(月) 休演
12/21(火) 15:30C/19:30B
12/22(水) 15:30A/19:30C
12/23(木) 15:30B/19:30A
12/24(金) 15:30C/19:30B
12/25(土) 12:00C/15:30A
12/26(日) 12:00B


Ticket Fee

General: 7,000 yen
U-24 (under 24 years old): 3,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

※ U-24: Under 24 years old, limited number of sheets, ID required
※ Preschool children not allowed
※ Wheelchair users please contact us at least 3 days before the opening date

※ It is accepted only by web reservation.
there is no telephone reception at the Canfeti Ticket Center.

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Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Building 1, Hall 3F


Organizations Overview

In June 2015, actor Hiroaki Inoue held a study group called "actors' playgrounds" where only actors gather. After that, he continued his activities, and in October of the same year, he launched the planning and production unit "PLAY/GROUND Creation" as an development form of actors' playground. The name means "playground"=PLAY ( play ) + GROUND (foundation and netsuke)", and it aims to create a rich "playground" where actors and other theater artists can gather slowly and participate independently and actively.
In January 2016, he performed a workshop performance "Disloyal Blue Room" (Theater|-style Hanaden) on the extension of actors' playground, and in September 2020, he produced and performed his first full-fledged theater performance "BETRAYAL Disloyal" (Akasaka Red Theater). In January 2021, we incorporated it together with Atsuko Saito, who co-produced the co-production. This performance will be the first work in the new system.


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