The 6th Playboy case

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It is a stage where three Noh performers demonstrate their respective strengths to the fullest.
this is the 6th time.
Noh "Miwa" is a special production called "Hakushiki Kagura", and in the past it was so important that there was an arrangement of "only once in the owner's generation". "Graduate City Grandmother Komachi" is one of the genres called "old woman thing", and it is known as a difficult piece. <200% impressive with skillful productions that fully packed the real pleasure of br /> Noh.

Noh Miwa White Kagura
Shite: Masamoto Mano
Waki: Hiroshi Dainichikata
eye: Taitaro Yamamoto
Kyogen Hidefu umbrella
shite: Yamamoto Tojiro Ad: Yamamoto Kotaro
Ad: Noritaka Yamamoto

Maibayashi Tenkuban Wataru
Cit?: Takahiro Kitanami

cit?: Jiichi Asami
Waki : Kenkichi Tonoda
Wakitsure: Hideshi Norihisa

※ Please check the following website for details of the performers

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Masaki Mano ? Hiroshi Daichikata ? Taitaro Yamamoto ? Yamamoto Tojiro ? Kotaro Yamamoto ? Yamamoto Noritaka ? Takahiro Kitanami ? Jiichi Asami ? Kenkichi Tonoda ? Hideshi Norihisa ? other



2021/12/12 (Sun)

Dec. 12 (Sun) 12:30 Open / 13:00 Start
※Scheduled to end around 17:40

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SS seats: 13,000 yen
A seats: 10,000 yen
B seats: 8,000 yen
C seats: 6,000 yen
(all seats reserved and tax included)

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25th Kanze Sakon Memorial Kanze Noh Theater


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