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The strongest one-person play festival, from the origin to the future. based at the independent theater, which has attracted attention from all over the country for its

conceptual theater produce work and aggressive activities, "The Strongest One-Person Play Festival=INDEPENDENT" has been held every November since 2001.
Actors and writer-directors compete in solo acts of various genres and expression methods, and more than 500 works have been performed throughout the festival, attracting many audiences and creators. In the re-performance project of the gem held every five years, he has toured seven cities nationwide three times so far. In 2012, we started to expand overseas, mainly regional versions, and in 2018. This summer's national tour, which was held in the midst of corona disasters, was successfully completed, and the 5th season has finally begun. In the new 2nd that has just reopened this summer, fierce people from all over the country and elites of Kansai will compete hot!

■ Performers ■

[a] "Diary of Anga"
appearance / screenplay: ν Rihreich (16% theater company) × Screenplay and direction: Yo Watanabe (16% theater company) /<> Sendai [INDEPENDENTBRbr] :Invited from :4SS Sendai]

[b] "25 years old"
appearance, screenplay, direction: Harushi Kawakubo
from Tokyo

[c] "Yogichu"
appearance:× Sawada Makoto screenplay: Aida Danchi (effort club) × direction: Ito Wakana (intro)

[d] "Yoakemichi" appearance, screenplay, direction: Fujiwara Mizuki (theater company Chirijiri)
From Iwate [INVITED FROM INDEPENDENT in Morioka 2020]

[e] "Full Moon" appearance: Akito (Akimoto (Akimoto (Akirajin (Akirajin (Akiratsu (Akiratsujin ( Akimoto ( Akirajin ( Akimoto ( Akirajin (Akira ( 2020) NINES) × Screenplay and Direction: Sekido Tetsuya (Sora AirSpace)
From Sapporo with Nagoya [INDEPENDENT: Invited from 4SS Sapporo]

[f] "Superstar"
Appearance: Yoshino Mori (MIWAKU) × Screenplay and Direction: Tetsuro Tasaka (Non-Sell Venus) from Fukuoka [INDEPENDENT:Invited from Fukuoka]

[g] "Ryu (Luca) Flower"
appearance: Miho Yamaoka× screenplay: Screenplay: × × Sesame × direction: Fried rice Ramone

[h] "蟲" appearance: Yamada Yukio (buttoo goldfish) × Screenplay / Direction: Sari × ngROCK (Buttokyo Goldfish) Original: Edogawa Ranpo

[t1] "Kurokawa no Utage" appearance, screenplay, direction: Kurokawa Takeshi (THE AND GO MO ' S)

[t2] "Strange fruit"
appearance: Hiroyoshi Nishimura (> appearances MoreGoofy's/Project Core) screenplay × and direction: Daigo Ueda (MoreGoofy 's/Maverick Core)

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Stage director? Koya Kitamura ? illumination? Isao Mizobuchi?? ampana? ? sound? Sukawa Tadatoshi?? LTERNAIT? ? image? Yuji Aiuchi?? t will? ? Design cooperation? Shuhei Katsuyama?? a-star magic? Design DJ? T.A.?? t will? ? production? Emi Misaka?? ooster? ? producer? Yuji Aiuchi?? NDEPENDENT?


2021/11/25 (Thu) 〜2021/11/28 (Sun)

11/25 (Thu) 18:00 -
11/26 (Fri) 18:00 -
11/27 (Sat) 13:00-
11/28 (Sun) 11:00-
30 minutes each block × 2-3 br

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One-day pass: 4,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included)

※ It is accepted only by web reservation.
there is no telephone reception at the Canfeti Ticket Center.

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Independent Theatre 2nd


Organizations Overview

He has continued to stick to the simple concept of "performing a series of short plays", and has accumulated more than 500 works in a format that has not changed since the start of 2001, including regional productions and qualifying works. It is a unique festival unprecedented in the history of domestic theater where all the works produced in the past and all the works produced in the future are rivals.


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