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Official Program of the Russian Cultural Festival 2021
"The Feast of Japanese-Russian Art Beauty and Ballet Gala" with Irina Peren and Maratshemi nov - A Positive Challenge in Corona Disaster -

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special interview (3 times in total) is released on canfeti web magazine ! We spoke with

dancers and producer Yoshiko Kawashima!

Purchase from November 4th (Thu) to
November 9 (Tue): vol.2 to
November 14 (Sun): vol.3~

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=========================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================><><>><<=============================== Mikhailovsky Theater principal Irina Peren and Maratshemiunov, who will come to Japan for the first time in two years, will perform with young Japanese professional dancers in the new production Rainbow Swan Lake, Bolero and others with Japanese musical instruments. In addition, it is characterized by directing using 3D hologram projection.

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Irina Peren?? ~ Hirovsky Theater Principal ? Marat Shemiunow?? ~ Hirovsky Theater Principal ? Miki Sasaki ? Yuri Sugiki ? Kamata Maho ? Takahashi Kai ? Negishi Maya ? Takeshi Ikeda ? Miyoshi Riko ? Yuki Yamada ? Yuki Inoue ? Hiroya Hida ? Rina Iwai ? Marina Sumitani ? Haruka Toyoda ? Ayaki Nagao ? Yu Hemi ? Airi Machida ? Zhongshan Riku ? Anna Sato ? Rina Watanabe ? Naoko Kameda ? Kana Konosu ? Other appointments ? Special guest? Masanosuke Okura?? dThe person who is designated as a comprehensively designated cultural property, The Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan Heritage Ambassador?


Planning, producing, composing, directing? Kawashima Yoshiko?? PO Chikyu Civic Club, K&amp;Associated Internaitional? ? Stage director? FlowerTop Hirose Hironori Co., Ltd . sound? Nutrocker Katsumi Takayama ? illumination? Anvil Kazunori Noseyama Co., Ltd. ? Hologram direction? FUSION WALL Satoshi Ueda ? Still shooting? Takashi Okamoto ? Organizers and operators? NPO Chikyu Citizen's Club


2021/11/16 (Tue)

Tuesday, November 16, 18:30
*Doors open 30 minutes before the show *Performance time: about 2 hours

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All seats are free: 7,000 yen (tax included)
1,000 yen discount! 7,000 yen → canfeti seat 6,000 yen!

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Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakura Hall


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