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★ Seiji Fukushi's web interview posted! ★
"I want to lie good only on the stage" Ninja × family "To be a stupid but warm work with things"
- -

Served the daimyo in the era of the Warring States, Ninjas who played an active part as shadows. No one knows their mysterious faces.
and Reiwa modern. The descendants who ran the old inn were completely peaceful.
A visitor to there for the first time in a long time. A battle of love breaks out over a beautiful woman who appeared, and it is disturbed in Iga and Koga.
-- hey, wait. It's cowardly to get out of!

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Suruga Taro ? Rei Okamoto ? Yuta Watanabe ? Masuko Wabune?? Tu-Age? Murakami Ko?? L hotel? Fukasawa Taiga ? Satoshi Watanabe


work? Shin Takeda ? Directing? Seiji Fukushi


2021/11/10 (Wed) 〜2021/11/17 (Wed)

* Eligible performances
November 10 (Wed) 19:00
November 11 (Thu) 19:00
November 12 (Fri) 19 00
8 people each

※ Doors open 30 minutes before the start.

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! General 6,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → [Reserved seat redemption ticket] <>500 yen / font> and 700P ! (Updated 11/04 10:05 p.m.)

Tickets are [Phone Reservation] are also available.

(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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【Reserved seat redemption ticket】Please exchange for a seat ticket at the reception 45 minutes before the start on the day of
may not be available. Please understand it beforehand.

※ Preschoolers are not allowed

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