10. Quatre× PocketSheepS merger commemorative performance 2nd
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Aya was happy.

a modest life, but it's normal happiness that Aya has been impatient with since she was a child.

tenement house is all kind, and my husband Gennosuke is kinder than anyone else.
, so I did not blame Gennosuke when he shouldered his friend's debt.
seemed even desirable to be this personish.

, but you have to pay back the gold. Fortunately, Aya had a job in her hand,>
Thanked my father for training my skills.

also to kill people is dity-heavy, but to protect this happiness.

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Yoshikawa Ashuka ? Takuki Hanjin ? Toshie Suzuki ? Kyoko Miyamoto ? Katsutoshi Uchibori ? Shuji Sato ? Takamasa Tsuji ? Yoshitaka Tomita ? Eiko Kiko? Katsuhiko Suzuki ? Ming Murano ? Naohiko Ogawa ? Kaito Ono ? Sada Mizukin ? Daily guests ? 25th (Thu.) 2:00 p.m.? Kanjin?? JUmuri Produce? 25th (Thurs.) 7:00 p.m.? Daisuke Yoshioka?? [Bone Stripper? ? (12316;IDEAL〜? ? 26th (Fri)19:00? Asami Takano?? O sisters? 27th (Sat.) 13:00? Tyson Oya ? 27th (Sat.) 17:00? Noguchi Hiroo?? m Soul running water? ? 28th (Sun)13:00? Kenta Nitta ? 28th (Sun)17:00? Tatsuya Makino


Writer and direction? Tomokazu Ota ? Stage director? HiRoE ? illumination? Takuro Mitsuda ? sound? Takashi Hirai ? Stage art? Yuko Asai ? music? Kentaro Nomoto ? Propaganda art? climb-graphics ? Video recording? Toshiyuki Takahashi ? Photography? Megumi ? A swordfight? 10 Quatre ? production? Reiko Ikeda ? manufacture? Tenkator Co., Ltd.


2021/11/25 (Thu) 〜2021/11/28 (Sun)


14:00 / 19:00
1 Saturday, January 27 13:00/ 17:00

※Doors open 30 minutes before the start
*Performance time: 120min

Ticket Fee

Unreserved seats: 5,000 yen
1,000 yen discount! 5,000 yen → canfeti seat (unreserved seat) 4,000 yen!

*Web reservations only.
there is no telephone reception at the Canfeti Ticket Center.

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Organizations Overview

Since its formation in 2000, it has captivated the audience with his "living swords". All
members are active not only in sword technology but also as actors in various fields, such as stage, video, and events.
This is the second performance of the merger commemorative performance with PocketSheepS, which Tomokazu Ota presides over, following on from June.


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