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for the performance performers after Thursday, November 25.
. Although
, we are planning to return to the performance only once a day in light of the health condition of the person himself. along with this, Ami Yamane, who was unpublished
until Friday, November 26, will continue to be played by "Fuyna Asakura"
Ami Yamane of the second half of the eight performances from Thursday, November 25 will be as follows.

November 25 (Thu) 14:00 - Kugumi Performance Asakura Fuyana
November 25 (Thu) 19:00 - Tokigumi Performance Asakura Fuyuna
November 26 (Fri) 14:00 - Tokigumi Performance Asakura Fuyana / November 26 (Fri) 19:00 - Sky Class Performance Asakura Fuyuna November 27 (Sat) 13:00 - Kugumi Performance Yoshizaki Aya
November 27 (Sat) 18:00 - Tokigumi Performance Asakura Fuyana
November 28 (Sun) 12:00 - Tokigumi Performance Yoshizaki Aya
November 28 (Sun) 17:00 - Sky Group Performance Asakura Fuyana

I would like to ask for your understanding and support.
(We will announce it as soon as possible if a change occurs if the above is planned)

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everyone wants to start over in life.
things that could not be accomplished, feelings that could not be conveyed ...
If you can change that "moment"...!?

Winter 2021. An elderly man who is working hard and goes to a certain device. It is a device that can intervene in the history of the past.
"I have something I really want to tell you!
, while the Faculty of Science Alumni Association of St. Saint-Germain's School of Science is held. The OG of the Faculty of Sciences gathers to talk about old tales and their current stories. The topic becomes the story of Ami Yamane of the director and Kyoichi Jindai of the adviser.
In 1993, Ami Yamane, director of the Faculty of Science at St. Saint-Germain Gakuin, a high school girl in Deep Window, was unable to tell Kyoichi Jindai, an advisor to the Faculty of Science, about her secret feelings. AMI confies her feelings only to her best friend Aoi.
Jindai consults with her lover Fumiori Hasama about feelings that she can not understand even by himself.
according to history, the world diverges into "the future after St. Saint-Germain's school disappeared and the future that did not disappear" due to the outburst of the gravig? bomb "Noel Sandre" invented by Kyoichi Jindai. "Noel Sandre" was written on the CD of the popular girl band "Sherry & Jets" at the time, and the space-time modified organization Clominence infiltrated in 1993 to take it away.
In 1993, there were space-time detectives Sana, Ray and Anne, who were sent by the Space-Time Police Sigh Rader to watch over Ami Yamane, an important subject of historical protection. In addition, space-time detectives Terry and Emilio were dispatched from another divergent space-time "space-time police Vecker".
the mission of two space-time police detectives who disagree subtly. What is the real purpose of Clominence Dowd?
Ami can confite her feelings to Jindai? That "moment" Jindai is ...?
topic at the reunion that alternates. If history changes, will the time they spent with their families be different...?

What were you doing in 1993? Was there anyone you like...?


TV drama, novel, movie, stage, "Space-time police series" based on kazuya Hatazawa, which has been developed in manga and all media and has gained many fans. The third popular series set in "St. Saint-Germain Academy" following "Eveille" and "Etranje", was scheduled to start at Shinjuku Village LIVE on Saturday, November 20, but this time the leading actor Aya Yoshizaki was hospitalized due to an emergency illness.
return time is undecided and haste, the leading role of Ami Yamane is played, the stage "Tutor hitman REBORN!" Fuyna Asakura, who is familiar with the role of Chrome 髑髏 and the movie "Werewolf Game ~ Death Game Operator" Mio Satake, will be substituted.
Waiting for Aya Yoshizaki's recovery, Fuyna Asakura will take over the first eight performances from Saturday, November 20 to Wednesday, November 24. Appearances from Thursday, November 25 will be announced by Monday, November 22. I am very sorry for those who were looking forward to Aya Yoshizaki's appearance. Tickets handled by Aya Yoshizaki from Saturday, November 20 to Wednesday, November 24 will be refunded. Details will be announced on the website etc. later.
substitutes will also change the guests of the following performances.
November 22 (Mon) 7:00 p.m. - Performance Guest; Space-Time Detective Kirary role Rika Nakagawa
November 23 (Tue) 13:00 - Performance Guest; Space-Time Detective Kirary role Rika Nakagawa
November 23 (Tue) 18:00 performance Guest; Space-time Detective Maily role Eruma Maeno
I would appreciate it if you could support this performance while wishing Aya Yoshizaki's return.

substitute: Asakura Fuyuna comment
"This time, I will serve as a substitute Asakura Fuyna- I will take on the stage of director Hatazawa and other staff cast members, and I will take care of Ami Yamane until Mr. Yoshizaki's return. I will do my best. And I sincerely hope for Yoshizaki's recovery."

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Ami Yamane (Extreme)? Aya Yoshizaki ? Chiba Sana (Space-Time Detective Sana) role? Momoko Suzuki ? Ray von Braun as Space-Time Detective Ray? Honda Uran ? Koizumi An (Space-Time Detective Ann) role? Sei Aoki ? Kagura Yaki (Space-Time Detective Terry) role? Moeka Ukawa ? Mio Eri (Space-Time Detective Emilio) role? Yamada Mikou ? Aoi Serikawa role? Chiaki Iwasaki?? 梠 g?e? $剴c Natsumi ??? g? ? Sunahime Tazoe (Kurosawa Sunahime) role? Hayashi Ayokae?? 梠 g?e? $MinaMiame ??? g? ? Ryoko Shido? Rina Katsuno?? 梠g?e???? g? ? Yae Furukawa (Yae Asaoka)? Ao Kumao?? 梠 g?e? %Vzawa Kanna ??? g? ? Hirano Hiroumi (Azumi Hiroumi) role? Nagisa Tsuboi?? 梠 g?e? *? X-??? g? ? Mayu Aikawa? Chika Eguchi ? Shelley? Mato Manma ? Clominence Julius? Yu Nitta ? Crominence Wah? Yuichi Sugiura ? Crominence Zaza? Harumi Shinya ? As Hasama Fumiori (Dowd Egoista)? Yurisha ? Kyoichi Jindai (Shin Egoista) role? Shota Hatori ? Space-time Detective Mass? Tomomi Sumi Jenna ??? Yo-gly guest? Space-Time Detective Maily? Maeno Erma ??? Yo-gly guest? Space-time Detective Jiu? Fuyna Asakura ??? Yo-gly guest? Space-time Detective Tremy? Haruka Momokawa ??? Yo-gly guest? Space-time Detective Kirary? Rinka Nakagawa ??? Yo-yo guest?


Original, screenplay, direction? Kazuya Hatazawa ? producer? Hiroshi Chisada ? Planning, production, organizers? Alchemy Brothers


2021/11/20 (Sat) 〜2021/11/28 (Sun)

11月20日(土) 13:00時組 / 18:00空組
11月21日(日) 13:00空組 / 18:00時組
11月22日(月) 19:00空組
11月23日(火・祝) 13:00時組 / 18:00空組
11月24日(水) 19:00時組
11月25日(木) 14:00空組 / 19:00時組
11月26日(金) 14:00時組 / 19:00空組
11月27日(土) 13:00空組 / 18:00時組
11月28日(日) 12:00時組 / 17:00空組

時空刑事ミサ 役 鷲見友美ジェナ
 11月20日(土) 13時〜時組 18時〜空組
 11月24日(水) 19時〜時組
時空刑事メイリー 役 前野えま
 11月21日(日) 13時〜空組 18時〜時組
 11月23日(火) 18時〜空組
 11月28日(日) 12時〜時組
時空刑事キラリー役 中川梨花
 11月22日(月) 19時〜空組
 11月23日(火) 13時〜時組
 11月27日(土) 13時〜空組 18時〜時組
 11月28日(日) 17時〜空組
時空刑事トレミー 役 百川晴香
 11月25日(木) 14時〜空組 19時〜時組
 11月26日(金) 14時〜時組 19時〜空組

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S seat: 8,500 yen (with benefits) ※ Please check the official website for bonus details.
A seat: 6,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

This ticket is
[WEB reservation] only  It is a receptionist. Reservations cannot be made by
by phone.
+ Ticketing Fee


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* Preschool children are not allowed
※ XC column will be the front row.

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