Brahms, the 5th
Chamber Music of Minoru Koyama Chikae Koyama & Arti String Quartet & Hiroshi Ikematsu - Schubert's "Masu"


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Brahms guided by Chamber Music Forest
with virtuasities who have been united with deep empathy and trust


Brahms: Piano Quintet in F minor, Op.34
[Minoru Koyama (piano) Yasutsugu Toyoshima (1st violin) Tatsuya Yabe (2nd Violin) Yoshiko Kawamoto (Viola) Noboru Uemura (Cello)

Schubert: Piano Quintet in A major D667 "Masu"
[Minoru Koyama (Piano) Tatsuya Yabe (Violin) Yoshiko Kawamoto (Viola) Noboru Uemura (Cello) Hiroshi Ikematsu (Contrabass)]

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Minoru Koyama Waie?? s Anno? Hiroshi Ikematsu?? R N'Travas? The Alti String Quartet? Taiji Toyoshima?? Buy @iolin? E-? *?White B ya?? Buy @iolin? E-? $? {Yoshiko?? Buy B Ora? E-? ¥Yingko Noboru?? 'Ello?



2021/12/4 (Sat)

Saturday, December 4, 2021, 14:00 start (13:15 open)

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S seat: 5,500 yen
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B seat: 3,500 yen
U25 (under 25 years old): 1,500 yen
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Dai-ichi Life Hall


* Unavoidedly, the performance number, the order of the songs, and the performers are subject to change. Approve it beforehand.
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will be changed depending on the situation in the future.

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