WAHAHA Honpo-so performance
The King and the Oiran

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Performance content

The whole performance is a show style with comedy, dance, and performance.
deliver a unique, non-genre Wahaha world that destroys preconcesion!
this time, we sealed "hot contact with customers" that is characteristic of Wahaha Honpo.
Take advantage of the situation of corona evil, and show a number of performances that can only be done now!

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Shibata Rie ? Masami Hisamoto ? Masahiro Sato ? Yoshiaki Umegaki ? Suzumasa ? Okubo Nobuo ? Shinya Tama ? Atsushi Tony ? Keizo Masamoto ? Self-guided ? Hitomi Shimizu ? Yuki Hyodo ? Okubo Mikoe ? Katsura Hoshikawa ? Kanako Yahara ? Inubosaki Nyan ? Chikin Suzuki ? Natsumi Ishihara ? Kosuke Hara Sumito ? Junya Muramoto ? Chewing house boy ? Tomonori Aihara ? Motosho Yoshikawa ? Jun Miyake ? Yuji Kangetsu ? Sugita Nozomi ? Tamaki Niimi


Composition and direction? Kuyaku


2021/10/28 (Thu) 〜2021/10/31 (Sun)

October 28 (Thu) 18:00
October 29 (Fri) 14:00
October 30 (Sat) 18:00
4-14 people each
* The opening is 60 minutes before the start.

Ticket Fee

! S seats 9,800 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → [Reserved seat redemption ticket] 9,800 yen Further 7,000P get! (updated 10/27 5.30pm)

Tickets here are [Phone reservation] are also available.

(weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Cultural Center Main Hall


【Reserved seat redemption ticket】
Please exchange it for a seat ticket at the reception 60 minutes before the start on the day.
We may not be able to offer consecutive seats. Please understand it beforehand.

※ All prices include tax
※ Preschool children are not allowed
※ Maximum occupancy rate stipulated in the guidelines for measures against new coronavirus infections created by local governments and theaters

(accommodation rate is 100 We will prepare seats at
. Please understand it beforehand.

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