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Rehearsal Hall & Director Comment Arrival! ! /

"Iroassel" rehearsal first day video released! /

Eriko Ogawa, one of the pillars she laid out with her inauguration, is a "full audition project" in which all performers are auditioned as "experimenting and pioneering theater systems". The fourth of these gifts is "Iroassel", written by Yutaka Kuramochi at the New National Theatre in October 2011. With the author Yutaka Kuramochi himself as the director, 10 performers were selected after an audition held over a period of about three weeks from the end of November, which started public offering in October 2020. In the internet society and corona disasters, communication tools that do not require face-to-face, but rely only on words have developed and increased, and this work is now asking the ideal way of dialogue and speech in everyday life.

small island floating in the sea. Each of the islanders' words has its own unique color. It drifts in the sky in the wind, and no matter when or where you speak, it is immediately identified whose words are. Therefore, the islanders do not lie. Don't lie.
one day a cage is set up on a hill, and prisoners and guards come from outside the island. The islanders notice. Only when we speak in front of them will we lose color from our words.

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Masayuki Ito ? Tokaze Manchiko ? Akira Takagi ? Yu Nagaoka ? Nagata Akira ? Nishinoen University ? Akifumi Boxda ? Fukuhara Wakka ? Seisuke Yamazaki ? Yamashita Yorie


Created and directed? Yutaka Kuramoka


2021/11/7 (Sun) 〜2021/11/28 (Sun)

【Handling Performance】
November 07 (Sun) 15:00 Preview performance
November 11 (Thu) 19:00
November 12 (Fri) 19:00 00
Nov. 13 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:00
November 14 (Sun) 13:00
13:00 / 18:00
November 23 (Tue/ Holiday) 13:00★
November 24 (Wed) 13:00 ◆
November 25 (Thu) 19:00
November 26 (Fri) 19:00
November 27 (Sat) 13:00☆ / 18:00
November 28 (Sun) 13:<00br />
☆ Support for people with visual impairment (briefing session, real-time audio guide). (Capacity system, first come, first served, reservation required)

★ There is a subtitle machine lending service for those who have hearing impairments. (capacity, first come, first-served, reservations required)
* support is free of charge. Reservations required. There is a capacity. For details a href="" target="_blank",>
◆ Theater Talk "Iroassel" (after the performance ends)
Appearance: Kuramochi Yutaka Ito Masayuki Tofu Machiko Hakoda Yorie Yamashita
Moderator: Miho Nakai
Participation Method: November 24 (Wed) Only those who watch the performance can participate. Please take a look at it at your own seat.

*Lobby opening is 45 minutes before the start of the performance, and the audience opens 30 minutes before the start. Admission after the performance is limited.
*Childcare services will be suspended for the time being to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

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If you purchase from 10:00 on Saturday, October 2, <>
[Preview Performance] A seat: 5,500 yen
[This performance] A seat: 7,700 yen Further benefits ! (purchased after 10/18 9:00 p.m.)

(all seats reserved, tax included)

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by phone.
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・Please refrain from bringing or entering pre-school children. Children are also required to purchase one ticket per person. <> be difficult to see on the br/> wall, near the handrail, on the balcony, and in some seats on the upper floors. Please understand.
, performance date, and seat type may not be available. performance and who are subject to the New National Theatre's Guidelines for the Prevention of The Spread of Covid-19. / performers may be changed due to undesthes to circumstances. Please understand in advance.

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