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Teaser video released!! /
glittering gorgeous cast and Shima Ryohei (Dresscords) written down song "Drunkard Ship" (lyrics: Shuji Terayama)

Yuki Yamada and a total of 21 gorgeous cast members compete, festival play presented live! A sweet and sad story of a father, a son, and a father's fiancee set in a hotel that does not leave the
A phantom undefed play by Shuji Terayama, finally premiere after 58 years!

Shuji Terayama finally premieres an undue music play written in 1963 before the formation of "Ceilingshiki" at the shinsei PARCO Theater! A competition of a gorgeous cast, the direction of Takutsugu Manabe who is the most popular now, the long-awaited performance by original music and live music by Ryohei Shima (Dresscords)!
A story of sad love over three people: the main character, Takeo, his father Yahei, and Yahei's fiancee, Mako.
will be played by Yuki Yamada, who is in high profile and popular explosions such as the blockbuster movie "Tokyo Revengers", Yasuko Matsuyuki, who is new to the memory of her good performance at parco theater "Yabuhara Kenko", and Yahei as Yusuke Santamaria, who will appear in parco theaters since "Tango Winter End" in 2015.
A talented mie Nakao and Ryosuke Otani will co-star in the devilish girl freckles, Nami who adores Takeo, Ihara Rokka and fresh young actors.
The world colored by the lines that shine the poetic rhythms of Terayama and the enchanting and suspicious characters that stir the imagination are exactly the origins of "Terayama World".

stage is "North Coast Hotel" at the bottom of the battleship.
storms have put off the boat and the dubious people gather to have a party.
main character, Takeo is depressed alone. The ship that father and Yahei rode was wrecked in the storm and it died. Mako who was supposed to remarry her father and become a mother-in-law appears under her grieving husband.
Takeo and Mako, who are attracted to each other while discussing the memories of Yahei, but yahei, who should have died, return to life, so he steers to a sad love. The existence of a close parent and child who became a love enemy, Nami who adores a fierce husband and a devilish girl freckles tragically accelerates the love of the three people. And Mako's heart shakes, and she celebrates her wedding with Yahei. The story features shuji Terayama characters, such as an old woman singing blues and girls collecting insects, sings and dances various feelings and colors a sad festive play.

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Yuki Yamada ? Yasuko Matsuyuki ? Shimizu Kunumi ? Rokuhana Ihara ? Sato Oath ? Ryu Tominaga ? Monjin Yamagishi ? Kaiji Sawa ? Taro Megane ? Takayuki Nonoyama ? Uchida Ji ? Tsuboigi nuts ? Shinobu Shirakihara ? Mica Koyama ? Miho Katagiri ? Miki Kanai ? Yuika Shima ? Yoshinoka Yoshii ? Ryosuke Otani ? Mie Nakao ? Yusuke Santamaria


work? Shuji Terayama ? Directing? Takuji Manabe ? Music and music director? Ryohei Shima?? h Lescords?


2021/12/6 (Mon) 〜2021/12/30 (Thu)

* Eligible performances
Thursday, December 09 13:00
18:00<> Dec. 19 (Sun) 14:00
13:00 / 18:00
13:00 / 18:00
Monday, December 27, 14:00
13:00 / 18:00

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 13,000 yen + get 500P !
(tax included)

★ card payment only. Please pick up your ticket at the 7-Eleven cash register after 10:00 on Thursday, December 2.
★ I don't know my seat number until I pick up my ticket. Please understand it beforehand.
※Telephone reservation is not possible
+ Ticketing Fee


PARCO Theater (Shibuya PARCO 8F)


* Tickets for this performance are prohibited for transfer without the consent of the organizer.
※ We will not refund you except when the organizer deems it unavoidable, such as canceling performances.
※ The name and emergency contact information registered at the time of ticket purchase for this performance may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary, such as in the event that an infected person occurs from a visitor. Please understand it beforehand.
※Please refrain from entering preschoolers.
※ If you plan to come in a wheelchair, please purchase a theater ticket (ticket) in advance and contact parco stage 03-3477-5858 (time shortened business) as soon as possible (reception until the day before the performance). On the day of the theater, the staff will guide you to the wheelchair space. In addition, wheelchair space is limited, so you may be asked to watch the theater in the seat you purchased. Please understand it beforehand. Please contact us before purchasing tickets as we will inform you about the availability of wheelchair spaces at parco stage.

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