Inochike Vol.2
You're betting your life, are you? Do you want to live?!

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One day, I realized that I had been kidnapped and confined. Is it free or death to wait first? It was my own "value of life" that determined that fate. To get out of here, ichi or bee... You have no choice but to reduce its value by yourself! Each "risked life" battle for freedom begins ....

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Mariko Fukushima ? Kazuhiro Iwata?? C nochigake? Ly?ha Hiroyama


Writer and direction? Kosuke Nishijima ? Stage director? Miho Ishii ? art? Toshie Tanaka ? illumination? Tsuyoshi Hashimoto?? olore? ? sound? Yuriyama Masato ? Acoustic control? Reina Suzuki ? Director assistant? Naoko Yamaguchi ? illustration? Kosuke Nishijima ? Propaganda art? Hiroki Kashiwa?? UNCH 01inc.? ? Web production? Daigo Yamada?? Hakuyo Company 10 Years? ? Production assistant? Kyoko Takei ? production? Sekine Asukako?? The day after Se? producer? Kazuhiro Iwata


2021/12/22 (Wed) 〜2021/12/26 (Sun)

Wednesday, December 22, 7:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m
Saturday, December 25, 14:00/ 18:00

※Doors open 30 minutes before the show

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All seats are free: 4,000 yen (tax included)

※ It is accepted only by web reservation. There is no telephone reception at the Canfetti Ticket Center.
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actor Kazuhiro Iwata, Mariko Fukushima and writer, director and illustrator Kosuke Nishijima. In October of the same year, he held a launch performance at Shimokitazawa-tei. Kazuhiro Iwata serves as not only an actor but also a producer in the
theater company "Fukufukuya". Mariko Fukushima has performed in a wide range of activities, from small theaters to commercial theaters. Kosuke Nishijima has been pursuing "laughter" since he joined Yoshimoto Shinkigeki through multi-career activities with writers, actors, and creators.
groups that express "energy living in the present" by taking advantage of their characteristics.


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