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Jack Manning quietly begins to introduce people gathered at the residents' meeting.
"First Glenn" -- He works for an exhibition construction company, and he is a young man who was dismissed after causing violence in the company.
his mother, Glenn's friend, and nine other managers, bosses and colleagues.
and this arbitration is successful, Glenn will be sent to court.
What will be revealed in the proceedings of arbitrator Jack is><> 2018. Set in Australia, we will accurately grasp contemporary society and identify various problems while irradiating the "arbitrator system" that is not yet familiar in Japan.

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Yoshio Kato ? Kazuko Mizuki ? Seiji Shioyama ? Akari Sato ? Mayami Araki ? Oda Shinta ? Kazuma Fujita ? Ryoto Tsujii ? Nagisa Tenmaya ? Seiki Matsumoto


work? David Williamson ? Translation? Keiji Sawada ? Directing? Mori-1 ? Art and costumes? Chisa Kato? illumination? Yuta Tanaka ? music? Shigeru Yahata ? sound? Taku Kiuchi ? Stage director? Ken Yagisawa ? Propaganda art? Kei Okuaki ? production? Theater Company Actors Theatre Production Club


2021/11/5 (Fri) 〜2021/11/14 (Sun)

Friday, November 5, 19:00
Saturday, November 6, 14:00
Sunday, November 7, 14:00 ☆ Aftertalk
November 8 (Monday) 14:00 ☆ After talk
November 9 (Tue) 19:00
November 10 (Wed) 14:00 ◇ Backstage Event
November 11 (Thu) 14:00 ☆ After talk
November 12 (Fri) 19:00
November 13 () Sat) 14:00★Pretalk
November 14 (Sun) 14:00

Event details will be announced on HP and SNS

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All seats reserved (general): 5,500 yen
All seats reserved (students): 3,850 yen
All seats reserved (senior seats (65 years old and over): 5,000 yen
1,000 yen discount! seats reserved: 5,500 yen → Canfeti seat: 4,500 yen!
(all seats reserved, tax included)

*Only web reservations will be accepted. telephone reception at the Campeti Ticket Center.

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Actor's Theatre


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Established in February 1944 by 10 people, including Aoyama Sugisaku, Ozawa Eitaro, Kishi Teruko, Chiyoda Koreya, Higashino Eijiro, and Higashiyama Chieko. of Japan's leading new theater companies, along with the Literary Theater and Theatrical Company Mingei.


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