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special interview (3 times in total) is released on canfeti web magazine !
[Screenplay/Direction: Ayumi Gokumoto]

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October 28 (Thu) Purchase: vol.2 to
November 1 (Mon): vol.3 ~

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-up-and-coming playwright and takemotori directing bridged into a daily life Starring Hiroshi Aoto, president of the theater company BDP, this ambitious stage features original music with classical techniques by Takuya Uchimon and stage art and modeling by Kasumi Nakagawa.

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Ao toyo ? Meei Koue ? Chihiro Nakazawa ? Houka Tsubota ? Yukiko Hama ? Saki Uehara ? Oumi Okada ? Sato Dai ? A-cast? "k Karen 縲" by Shiyushi 縲. Keinobu 縲∴, Reiko Izumi縲%. Momoya Saki ? B cast? Hikosaka Kaiu 縲♂ Kizuna 縲 &汕苳? K縲♂. Yama-Wento 縲$" Tani-Kokonon


Written and directed? Ayumi Takemoto ? music? Takuya Uchimon ? art? Kajun Nakagawa ? costume? Nobu Kakizaki ? illumination? Yuta Watanabe ? sound? Toru Obata ? Stage director? Yu Nakano ? Distribution and video production? Stage video COLORS ? steel? Masaki Hirooka ? Propaganda art? Akiko Sano ? production? Theater Company BDP


2021/11/3 (Wed) 〜2021/11/7 (Sun)

Wednesday, November 3 17:00 (A)
November 4 (Thursday) 13:00 (B) / 18:00 (A)
November 5 (Friday) 13:00 (A) / 18:00 (B)
Sopen 6 november 13:00 (B) / 17:00 (A)
November 7 (Sun) 13:00 (A) / 17:00 (B)

* Open is 30 minutes before the start.
* Performance time: About 2 hours

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All seats reserved (advance): 5,000 yen (tax included)

★WEB reservation / telephone reservation Accepted either ★
Reservation: 0120-240-540 * Toll free
(weekdays 10:00-18:00 * operator-ready)

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Organizations Overview

In October 1993, he founded the children's theater company Big Dreams. In 2001, BDP was established as a place for members of the theater company to grow up. We perform musicals, straight plays, and other works that can be participated by children and adults with the aim of improving the level of Japanese culture.


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