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P Company 34th Performance
Sanbun Opera JAPON1947

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1947. The revival around Shinjuku advanced rapidly, and the market was able to be done though it was Tokyo which had been defeated in the Pacific War, and turned into scorched earth. The group of Makimura Masateru (the street name is Ashu Mackie) who rules there refrains from emperor's tour, and is very busy. On the other hand, it is burnt out, the demobilized soldier, and the unemployed are organized, 'Association of freeworkers' is established, and the lover of only daughter Michiko is anxious for Masayoshi Nohara who expands power and wife's Yoshie. Michiko pushes out two opposites, and marries Makimura of the reputation when woman by the person who asks. In order to get her daughter back, they approached Akemi Kawashima, who runs a prostitution house, a woman from Makimura for many years, to betray Makimura. However, there is Torao Samejima of the police chief in the comrade-in-war in Makimura, and the document is falsified. It is not easy to catch it. Set in a vibrant town in front of the Emperor's Tour, the people who live at the bottom are "What is man?" and "What is living?" It asks violently. What is Makimura's fate? What about Michiko's pure love? Color and greed. betrayal of a fellow And solidarity. "Opera which can be seen in three sentences" put on the music of Kurt Weil vividly revives the spirit of brecht's social satire through the human pattern of the turmoil period in postwar days.

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Teruhiko Ogimi ? Koho Ura now ? Mitobe Chikimi ? Eri Ogawa ? Surotatsuya ? Yasushi Ichikawa ? Tomohisa Miyagawa ? Uchida Tatsuma ? Isogai Makoto ? Genjiro Mori ? Chiba Ayano ? Kenji Yoshioka ? Aiko Kimura ? Kazumi Yokomaku ? Saya Sudo ? Eri Yoshida ? Kenta Yamada ? Hanako Tachinato ? Haruka Akita ? Mamoru Kondo


original? B. Brecht ? Adaptation script and direction? Yasushi Kijima ? music? Keikichi Takahashi ? art? Izumi Matsuoka ? clothing? Friendly Mariko ? choreography? Azusa Fukushima ? illumination? Natsuko Ishijima ? sound? Kazuhito Nonaka ? Stage director? Kenji Oshima ? Production and supervision? Tsujiki Hayashi


2021/12/15 (Wed) 〜2021/12/19 (Sun)

Wednesday, December 15, 6:30 p.m.
> Saturday, December 18, 13:30/18:30

*Doors open 30 minutes before the show.
※Performance time: About 2 hours 15 minutes

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General: 5,500 yen
Senior discount (over 65 years old): 4,500 yen
U250% (under 25 years old): 3,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

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Phone reservation: 0120-240-540* Toll-free
(business hours weekdays 10:00-18:00 *Operator available)

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Organizations Overview

Established in 2008 mainly by actors and staff belonging to the Kiyama Office (the late Kiyoshi Kiyama). He has performed works by Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Moshi Ishihara, Minoru Takemoto, Noriko Yamatani, Chie Ado, Ayumi Takemoto and Masataka Matsuda. While exploring the possibilities of "small theater", we always pursue stage creation with an eye on the world and the times, and we hope to be a team that throws a small, shiny stone into contemporary theater.
"P" is play, performance, produce, progressive, professional, prime, popular, pure, passion, poem, protest, peace... The P Company is a collection of "P" drawn by each member.


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