The 73rd Performance of the 5th Theater Company
【Confetti Streaming Theater】◇Rental Video◇
"Kisetsnonaimachi ~Distance Version~" ☆ Delivery Ticket


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[Confetti Streaming Theater] ◇Rental Video◇
The 73rd Performance of The 5th Theater Company
"Kisetsnonaimachi ~Distance Version~"

Delivery period] 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 15, 2021 - 23:59
[Viewing period] 15 days after logging in to the viewing page (*If the distribution period ends first, please finish watching before that.
◇ Rental video ◇
It is a service that you can watch for 15 days (360 hours) at any time during the distribution period. 360 hours have passed since you logged in to the watching page, you will not be able to watch it.

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[Viewing ticket sales period] Tuesday, August 10 12:00-00 Until 23:59 on Tuesday, November 30 ※
*The payment deadline at the time of Seven-Eleven settlement is 23:59 on Wednesday, December 1.

* It will be accepted only by web reservation. There is no telephone reception at the Campeti Ticket Center.

*<*/><> Story=There was one street charge to go to that "city". It is Roku-chan of the driver to operate regularly every day. However, it is not seen in anyone's eyes except this tram and Roku-chan. Still, Roku-chan said, "Do-do-don,Do-don-don!" It goes back and end of the downtown area and the poor "town" very diligently. The inhabitants of the city like this blowing pool are really unique. Mr. Shima, who is a little nervous and has facial neurosis, has a terribly unfriendly wife, but He loves his wife and is satisfied with him. Okada cannot allow his brother, who abandoned his family, to come to his mother mindlessly. Kyota, who is working with his wife and niece and drinking only alcohol, conceives his niece while his wife is in the hospital. Masuo and Kazuko are on good terms with Hataro and Yoshie couple, but they have a cool face even if they replace their husband and wife respectively. A lively woman is enjoying the old man and the small talk which should be called the conscience of the town in the water roadside.
the residents of "town" are still full of things.
, get on the Roku-chan tram and get on the den! Let's guide it.

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Maroki Ozaki ? Miko Morihata ? Etsuko Ogawa ? Atsushi Inoe ? Yuji Ushimaru ? Ai Katsumura ? Tatsumi Fly ? Misaki Uemura ? Hiroto Nakahara ? Lyku Isono ? Shodan Yamane ? Satoto Kitaoka ? Aye Shibata ? Takashi Karaki ? Haruki Kamino ? Higashiguchi Hina


The original "Town without seasons"? Shugoro Yamamoto ? script? Kyoko Moriwaki ? Directing? Atsushi Inoe


2021/8/15 (Sun) 〜2021/12/15 (Wed)

[Delivery period] Sunday, August 15, 2021 12:00 - Wednesday, December 15, 23:59

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※It will be accepted only by web reservation. There is no telephone reception at the Campeti Ticket Center.

Tickets: 2,000 yen (tax included)

Tickets can be used for credit card payment and Seven-Eleven payment.

payment, you can watch it only by logging in to the [Viewing URL] site during the distribution period. (The reservation acceptance period is displayed, but no procedures such as pick-up are required)

・ In the case of Seven-Eleven settlement
Please pay the price at the Seven-Eleven cash register within a predetermined period. After that, you can watch it only by logging in to the [Viewing URL] site during the distribution period.
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Confetti Streaming Theater


* This performance is distributed for a fee. All screen recording, shooting, and recording with a camera or smartphone are prohibited.
, you may be held legally liable for unauthorized reproduction or sharing on video sites, etc. Commercial use of live video is prohibited. This includes receiving a fee from the audience at restaurants, in the open room, etc., and streaming live video.
* Please refrain from watching with a large number of people from the viewpoint of preventing the new coronavirus infection.

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