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◆Story ◆
Time Diver

"DINO-A-LIVE" is super evolution as artistic authentic dinosaur experience live stage "Dinoa Live Premium "Time Diver".
"DINO-A-LIVE" A new brachiosaurus with a total length of more than 13 meters, the largest in history, walks up, and amazing live entertainment where you can meet more than 15 dinosaurs is born. <> scenery of the Mesoothic, which is realistically reproduced in the same way, and the dinosaurs that breathe there invite you to the impression rooted in the primitive sense. the ephemerality and splendor of the existence of creatures and dinosaurs that are symbolic in earth's history.
hymn to the great creatures. <> to the Mesozoic Odyssey Mesozoic Middle-time, which dates back tens of millions of years and experiences the amazing ecology of dinosaurs. of finding treasures begins with the search for the br/>.

◆Dino Live is a generic term for dinosaur experience projects from Japan where you can experience the world view as if dinosaurs were alive and real by using dinosaur-type mechanical suit "DINO TECHNE" developed by on-art Co., Ltd.
. <> DINO TECHNE's proprietary technology, patented in 14 countries around the world, naturally reproduces the dynamic and delicate movements of dinosaurs. from the planning of the performance, the script, direction, music, art, etc. are all produced originally. br/> has been developed in Japan, including a nationwide arena tour, and has attracted a lot of attention from around the world, such as being invited to the royal opening ceremony of the Royal Museum of Kuwait.

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2021/10/29 (Fri) 〜2022/1/10 (Mon)

*Eligible performances
November 10 (Wed) 16:00 ★
November 13 (Sat) 10:30 ●
November 27 (Sat) 14:30 ●
Saturday, December 04 14:30 ★
Friday, December 17 14:30 ●
December 19 Sun, December 28 10:30 ●
Ned. 26 December 18:30 ★
Tuesday, December 28 10:30 ●
01 Monday, March 03 14:30 ★
01/10 (Monday/ Holiday) 14:30 ★

● : Academic version with commentary
Guided commentary version by Narrator. Let's experience the world of dinosaurs while learning!
★: Non-verbal art version
nonverbal dinosaur experience with minimal narration. Let's experience the world of dinosaurs as it is!

Ticket Fee

first come first ahead!
[weekday] S seat
Adult: 7,000 yen →6,000 yen!
Child: 4,500 yen→3,900 yen!

[Saturdays, Sundays and holidays] S seats
Adults: 10,000 yen →9,000 yen!
Child: 7,000 yen→6,300 yen!

(all seats reserved, tax included)

★ Card payment only. Please receive your ticket at the 7-Eleven store cash register after 10:00 on Saturday, October 23. ★ your seat number until you receive your ticket. Please understand in advance.

* Up to 4 tickets per person per application.

Tickets are accepted for
[Web Reservation] only reservations by phone with a telephone.

+ Ticketing Fee


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*The holiday fee is from 12/27 to 1/7.
※ Child fee is from 3 years old to elementary school students. Junior high school students and above will be charged as adults.
*Admission is not allowed under 3 years old. One ticket is required per person.
* If you plan to visit in a wheelchair, please contact the stage around dial [0570-084-617 (11:00-16:30)] at least 2 business days before the day of the play after purchasing the ticket (S seat). with a br / 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
* Resale of tickets for commercial purposes is prohibited.
* The content of the performance and the start time are subject to change depending on future social conditions.
*S seats and A seats: Only children's tickets cannot be purchased. Please be sure to purchase it with an adult ticket.

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