Male 〆 Skyfish Vol.7
【Confetti Streaming Theater】
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[Confetti Streaming Theater]
Man Teno Vol.7

[Delivery period] Sunday, May 2 16:00 - Sunday, May 9 17:59
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[How to watch] Please access the "Viewing URL" during the above period and log in with your
Campeti Member ID and password.
You can enjoy the delivery as it is.

[Viewing ticket sale period] From 10:00 on Saturday, April 10 to 14:59 on Sunday, May 9 ※
※The payment deadline at the time of Seven-Eleven settlement is 15:59 on Sunday, May 9.

※ It will be accepted only by web reservation. There is no telephone reception at the Campeti Ticket Center. the

some thunderstorm nights. One man called Kappa is preparing some way. the decorations in the room, it seems that someone's birthday party will be held from now on. a "br/>" and a leaf storehouse that comes to his hand with a cardboard box. of the party at the time of the br />, and asked Kappa.
Hazo "What is this?"
Kappa "No, he lent me this place, I said
'It's my birthday party today,' so..."

10 attendees of the "tentative birthday party" that will appear in due course.
They used their handle names and met each other for the first time on the Internet. , I don't think there would be a party in the future. Everyone was uniformly dark. this house without knowing that he was going to be able to rent this house from the kitchen.
Aoki "You're inging a birthday party tonight... What <> going to be held in this place from now on?

What is their real purpose?...

One Situation Comedy Sent By A Man Ten fish! ? The ultimate mystery in conversational drama?
Well, what does this ototen jump out of? br/> Theatre!

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Katsuhiko Nagato ? Narae Fujiwara ? Isao Hirano ? (More than a man heaven fish) ? Saki Shimizu ? Takeshi Hayashi ? Kyohei Kujime ? Yuki Iwasa ? Kumauchi Sering ? Kakel Ibuki ? Mayu Kishida ? Yukiyo Tanahashi ? Tsukasa Koga ? Yoshiya Yukimura


Created and directed? Yohei Yamazaki??] Furuta's Girls?


2021/5/2 (Sun) 〜2021/5/9 (Sun)

[Delivery period] May 2 (Sun) 16:00 - May 9 (Sun) 17:59

Ticket Fee

※Only web reservations will be accepted.
There is no telephone reception at the Campeti Ticket Center.

br />Tickets: 4,000 yen (tax included)

This ticket is available for credit card and seven-eleven payments.
For credit card payments,

The only way to receive tickets is "Moba Pass", but you do not need to use the
You can watch
by logging in to the "Viewing URL" site during the distribution period.

>> For Seven-Eleven payments,
Please pay at the Seven-Eleven Cash Register within the prescribed period.
You can watch
by logging in to the "Viewing URL" site during the distribution period.
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Confetti Streaming Theater


* This performance is distributed for a fee. All screen recordings, shootings, and recordings using cameras, smartphones, etc. are prohibited.
In addition, unauthorized reproduction or sharing on video sites, etc., may result in legal liability. Commercial use of live video is prohibited. This includes receiving fees from audiences at restaurants, in the open space, etc., and streaming live video.
※Please refrain from watching with a large number of people from the viewpoint of preventing the new coronavirus infection.

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