New National Theatre 2020/2021 Season Opera
Opera "Don Carlo"

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【Notice of Performer Change】(Updated On April 19)
Filippo?10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Instead, Hidekazu Wifeya will perform. />---
Performance details: Text
(before change) The world's most popular bus to father Filippo II, Pertoozi,

( After the change) Bus singer Hidekazu Wifeya, who is familiar to his father Filippo II at the New National Theatre,

(before the change) Filippo II: Michele Pertouzi

(After change) Hidekazu Wifeya

2020/2021 Season
Giuseppe Verdi
Don Carlo
Don Carlo/Giuseppe Verdi
All 4 Actes with Italian/Japanese and English Subtitles〉
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A historical drama of love and conflict set in the Spanish Court.
Gorgeous Verdi's Great Work!

Verdi A masterpiece of ripeness, a magnificent historical play depicting the unforgivable love of Prince Carlo and Queen Elisabetta, the relationship between Carlo and father King Filippo II, jealousy and betrayal, friendship, etc. in profound music. The double chants of Carlo and Rodrigo's friendship and the fierce double chants of Elisabetta and Carlo are followed by famous arias such as The Song of the Veil by The Duke of Evoli, Fate of the Great Destiny, the King's heartbreaking aria "Let's Sleep Alone" and Elisabetta's "Better Know the Sky of the World." Directed by Marco Arturo Marelli, the walled space reminiscent of a cross and prison is symbolically used to depict a drama of fate that can't escape under great authority.

Conducted by carignani, a master craftsman who receives enthusiastic support in Japan, tenor Zipari who is active in the title role with a focus on Italian opera, the world's most popular bus to his father Filippo II, Pertouzi, Ro Dorigo starred in "Shion Story" and overwhelmed the audience?

※Based on the lifestyle of the new era that has taken measures to prevent the spread of covid-19, we will change some of the productions.
※Invited staff and casts are subject to change depending on the status of immigration restrictions.

Story Mori
[Act 1] In the middle of the 16th century. The Prince of Spain, Don Carlo, was engaged to and loved Elisabetta, princess of France, but she married Carlo's father, King Filippo II of Spain. In despair, Carlo and his best friend, Rodrygo, marquis of Poza, encourage him to save the Flemish people who wanted to be freed from tyranny. Carlo asks her to meet Elizabetta at Rodrigo's Yori and ask her to ask her father to give him permission to go to Flemish. Full of thought, Carlo hugs Elisabetta, but she unties her arm.

[Act 2] The Eprius Evoli, a woman with absolute confidence in her beauty, loves Carlo, but is confessed to love by Carlo by herself, knows that he loves Elisabetta, and angrily vows revenge. When the heretic's fire sentence begins in the square, Carlo with the Flemish serf appears and appeals to the king about the current state of Flemish. Carlo is imprisoned for treason because he pulled out his sword to the king who refused.

[Act 3] Filippo II is overcome by loneliness not loved by his wife. He asks the religious presiding judge who came there for his opinion on the response to Carlo and Flemish, but the religious presiding judge tells him that Rodrygo is the threat. In Evoli's ploy, evidence of Elisabetta's thoughts on Carlo is in filippo II's hands. Evoly, who saw the king taunt Elisabetta, severely regrets his actions and confesses to Elisabetta his mistress's relationship with the king. Rodrygo is assassinated by the king's men, saying goodbye to Carlo, who dies after he is all guilty of inciting Flemish.

[Act 4] Monastery of San Giusto. Carlo, who left for Flemish, parted with Elisabetta, pledging to reunite in heaven. Filippo II and the religious presiding judge try to capture Carlo, but the ghost of his earlier emperor, Carlo V, pulls Carlo into the tomb.

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Filippo II? Michele Pertouzi ? Don Carlo? Giuseppe Zipari ? Rodrigo? Tomohiro Takada ? Elisabetta? Atsako Kobayashi ? The Duke of Evoli? Anna Maria Chiuri ? Religious presiding judge? Marco Spotty? monk? Hiroaki Otsuka ? Tebald? Rei Matsuura ? Count Lerma/ Royal Herald? Hironori Shiro ? Voice from heaven? Akie Mitsuoka ? chorus? New National Theatre Choir ? orchestral music? Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


command? Paolo Carignani ? Directing and art? Marco Arturo Marelli


2021/5/20 (Thu) 〜2021/5/29 (Sat)

Thursday, May 20 18:30
Sunday, May 23 14:00
Wednesday, May 26 14:00 00
Saturday, May 29 14:00

※Lobby open 60 minutes before the start and 45 minutes before the start. Admission after the performance will be restricted.
※Scheduled performance time: About 3 hours and 30 minutes (including break)
※Please check the display just before the opening for the official performance time.
※Childcare services and backstage tours will be suspended for the time being to prevent the spread of covid-19.
※School groups will be included on Saturday, May 29.

◇Please cooperate with dispersed visitors to alleviate congestion for the purpose of preventing the spread of covid-19.
Depending on the floor of your seat, we recommend that you come at the following times.
■Customers on floors 2, 3 and 4: up to 30 minutes before start
■1st floor customers: 30 minutes before start - 15 minutes before start

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※It may be difficult to see the stage and subtitles on the wall, near the handrail, on the balcony, and in some seats on the upper floor. Please understand.
※Depending on the performance date and seat type, it may not be available.
*Performance canceled, New National Theatre's New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guidelines .
※Performers may be changed due to unsying circumstances. Please understand in advance.

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