Masafumi Akikawa Becomes A Thousand Winds Concert - Classics 3 That You Can Listen to and Understand Well

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15 years after the release of the CD, we will visit 47 prefectures nationwide to thank the many people who loved "Become a Thousand Winds".

[Scheduled Performance]
・The Opera "Tsubaki" ~ Burning Heart ~/Verdi
Ave Maria /Schubert
Hakone Hachiri/Renta Taki
Gt;Uro, Sunayama/Kosaku Yamada
Become a Thousand Winds/Man Arai

It is a substitute performance on September 4, 2020.
The content has been changed to "A Thousand Winds And Concerts - Classics 3 That You Can Listen to and Understand Well".
*Summary of the performance on September 4, 2020 is here<<<
On Friday, September 4, 2020, tickets for the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall performance will be available and the seat number will remain valid.

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Masafumi Akikawa ? piano? Sayaka Kojima



2021/9/8 (Wed)

09/08 (Wed) Open 13:00 / Start 13:30

Ticket Fee

S seat: 6,800 yen
A seat: 6,300 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)
< ;font color="blue">[Note]
★ Card payment only. After 10:00 on Saturday, April 24, please receive your ticket at the
Seven-Eleven store cash register.
★ seat number until the time of ticket receiving. Please understand in advance.
※No phone reservations

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall


* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter

[Important]The disabled space is, in principle, mandatory to travel in a wheelchair or only for those with a disability handbook. Depending on the structure of the venue, we may not be able to respond to people with disabilities. Please contact the following for performances that can be handled by people with disabilities before purchasing tickets. In order to prepare the correspondence at the venue, if you can purchase a ticket, please call the following inquiry at least one week before the performance.
Tickets are also required for those accompanying you (up to 1 person).
If you do not apply in advance and come, it may not be possible to guide you to the venue because it will be difficult to secure a space for people with disabilities due to the new coronavirus infection countermeasures.

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