Situation Reading Drama "Love on Ride - Commuting Boyfriend"

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~Listen to you! With your eyes! Tokimeki & #10084;~
>>Natsuki Hanae and other popular voice actors join the popular situation CD series "Love on Ride ~ Commuting Boyfriend" pops out the CD and finally rings the departure bell of love on the real stage!
9 attractive handsome popular casts grab hearts in front of you! It is healed by the ear and it is excited with eyes!
Situation reading play "Love on Ride ~ Commuting Boyfriend" to give to all women who work hard

b>Usual station ... the usual train. That's when I fell in love with you.

Eito Sasaoka & lt;br />Occupation: Cafe Clerk & Troupe Member Birthday: April 7 Blood Type O Type Hobby: Dance / Watching Movies / Moving Your Body
Favorite Food: Cappuccino in your working caf?.

Shunsuke Kuga
Occupation:Junior High School Teacher Birthday:July 10 Blood Type B Type
Hobbies:Research on new sweets/Sports
Favorite things:sweet

Enohe Hibiki
Occupation: Bandman & CD Shop Clerk Birthday: January 5 Blood Type O Type
Hobbies: Composition / Band Activities / Music Activities & lt;br />Favorite things:music/instruments

<STORY1... Eito Sasaoka
I am an actor who belongs to a theater company aiming for the big stage. One day, I happen to meet you on the train.
"Are you happy to see me?" Then can I get you 20 minutes? ”

STORY2... Kuga Sekusuke ed.
I am a junior high school teacher and advisor to the baseball club. I use busyness as an excuse and I can't get time with you. In the mean of that, to practice the baseball club ... I decided to invite him.
"When I'm with you, I'm going to have important memories of everything."

STORY3... Enamito Hibiki hen

A young man working at your ded shop: Enowato Hibiki. Hibiki, who is a bandman, went to see the live performance with two people on the way back ... They make a promise
"Your words stick in my heart. This warmth is my energy"
From "I'm Going" to "Welcome Back", as a situation reading play SPECIAL STORY that falls in love with him in my heart, three people meet by chance on the platform of the station, and further development awaits! ?
"Love on Ride Commuter Boyfriend", which is very popular as a situation CD, rings the bell of love in the theater!

>'I noticed. It's for me to make you smile... I'm happiest."

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Imari Yu ? Mizuo Ohno ? Naoki Kunishima ? Hide tsubasa Saito ? Saeki Daichi ? Jinki Kami ? Iku Masaki ? Takeshi Matsumoto ? Kousuke Yonehara ? ※In alphabetical order


Shinta Fujiwara?? I-Pun Road/TEAM Flower Time.?


2021/5/1 (Sat) 〜2021/5/5 (Wed)

Saturday, May 01
[Part 1] Open 13:15 / Start 14:00 Appearances: Hideki Saito, Iku Masaki, Yu Imari
gt;【Part 2】Open 17:15 / Start 18:00 Appearances: Mizuho Ohno, Daichi Saeki, Yu Imari

[Part 1] Open 10:30 / Start 11:15 Appearance: Kosuke Yonehara, Daichi Saeki, Takeshi Matsumoto
[Part 2] Open 14:15 / Start 15:0 0 Appearances: Uehitoki, Saeki Daichi, Yonehara Kousuke
[Part 3] Open 18:15 / Start 19:00 Appearances: Uehitoki, Yonehara Kosuke, Matsumoto Takeshi

Monday, May 03
[Part 1] Open 10:30 / Start 11:15 Appearances: Takeshi Matsumoto, Iku Masaki, Naoki Kunishima
gt;【Part 2】Open 14:15 / Start 15:00 Appearances: Saito Hide tsubasa, Masaki Iku, Kunishima Naoki
[Part 3] Open 18:15 / Start 19:00 Appearance: Saito Hide tsubasa, Imari Yu, Mizuo Ohno

05/04 (Tue/Holiday)
[Part 1] Open 10:30 / Start 11:15 Cast: Mizuo Ohno, Yu Imari, Hide tsubasa Saito
[Part 2] Open 14:15 / Start 15:00 Appearance: Uehitoki, Imari Yu, Ono Mizuo
[3 parts] Open 18:15 / Start 19:00 Appearances: Kaminoki, Kunishima Naoki, Masaki Iku

05/05 (Wed/Holiday)
[Part 1] Open 10:30 / Start 11:15 Appearance: Top Ninki, Kunishima Naoki, Saito Hide tsubasa
[Part 2] Open 14:15 / Start 15:00 Appearances: Imari Yu, Saeki Daichi, Matsumoto Takeshi
[Part 3] Open 18:15 / Start 19:00 Appearance: Imari Yu, Saeki Daichi, Masaki Iku

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Reserved seats: 6,800 yen (tax included)
※All seats drink fee separately (500 yen)

<<*Performers vary depending on the performance. Please be sure to check before purchasing.

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Reservations cannot be made by phone.
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Asakusa Flower Theater


* There is no refund if the cast schedule is changed due to the charge of 4 years old or older, admission under 3 years old and under
※ Unavoidably. Please understand in advance.

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