A New Musical "Yuraki and Koi"

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A new original musical from Japan is born!
Top creators of the theater world× presented with a young talented cast who will lead the next generation
Chest Kyun inevitable love story

People and people are divided by unprecedented situations, and daily life and theater are being questioned.
This project has started to create a musical that will make you more excited and happy than anything else.
In addition, female creators who shine in the theater world will gather to create a new life hymn that will be the first step for people from all over the world to enjoy musicals from Japan in the future.

The original manga has won numerous manga awards, including the 11th Grand Prize of the 11th Anan Manga Grand Prize, and is a girl manga "Yubie Saki to Koi" (Kodansha "Dessert" series) written by Suu Mori shimo, who has attracted a lot of buzz in the record-breaking heavy edition.
The story is a pure love story of a deaf female college student, Snow, and a senior who flies around the world.
By meeting Itsuomi, we will write about the positive way of life and feelings of snow that expands the world in a musical.

The screenplay is a wide range of works from original works to adaptations and performance scripts of overseas works, Sanae Iijima who spins stories and figures with great variety and carefully, music is awarded the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Music, "History of Japan" and "Showgirl". Kiyoko Ogino, who has a reputation for music that is memorable with a number of stage and video productions, including Koki Mitani's works, and Maiko Tanaka, an up-and-coming theater that has been well received for her performances such as Shakespeare's R&J and Komatsuza's "The Dobutsu Conference".

Rika Toyohara, a up-and-running musical actress whose innocent performance in the January musical play Peter & the Starcatcher attracted attention. Takehisa Maeyama is popular for his 2.5-dimensional works such as "Touken Ranbu" and "Hypnosis Mike", and is scheduled to appear in major theaters such as "No.9" and the musical "Royal Seal" in August. In addition, Ayaka Hayashi ("How to Sacseed" Smitty role, etc.), Saho Aono ("RENT" Mimi role, etc.), Ryosuke Ikeoka ("Atami Murders Last Legend ~ Melody Double Standby~" Kintaro Oyama and others), A young talented cast who will be responsible for the next generation of musicals and theater, such as Hirohiro Miyagi ("Hypnosis Mike" series Kannonzaka solo role, etc.) and Ryuji Ueyama ("Les Mis?rables" Angiollas roles, etc.) have been gathered.

A New Musical Immerse yourself in the kindness created by love and the brilliance of the world, and experience that life will start to move brightly if you have the courage to take a step forward in any world!

<-What is "Yubie Saki to Koito"?

A girl comic by Mori shimo suu that began serialization in the September 2019 issue of Dansha "Dessert". From episode 1, it received a great response on SNS, and immediately exceeded 250,000 copies after the release of one volume. From delicate word selection, facial expressions of characters, hand movements, to character notation, he is drawn into overwhelming expressiveness. "The 11th Anan Manga Grand Prize", BookLive! Yearly bookstore clerk Suzuki 2021" Onna ed. No. 1, Takarajimasha "This manga is amazing! 2021" onna ed. 9th, "Next Coming Manga Grand Prize 2020" 17th place. Other author's representatives include "Every Day Butterfly", "Shortcake Cake", and "Wakamen ~ The Mineral Boys~".

Snow, a female college student, asks a gem of the same university to help her in trouble one day.
A gem who comes into contact with nature without moving to the snow, which is deaf and deaf.
Yuki gradually begins to be aware of Itsuomi who makes me feel a new world ...!?

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Rika Toyohara ? Takehisa Maeyama ? Ay summer Hayashi ? Saho Aono ? Ryosuke Ikeoka ? Hirohiro Miyagi ? Ryuji Kamiyama ? ensemble? Watanabe Nana 縲° 煦 100% 縲¢ 蜥 Sunset ? piano? Natsuo Morimoto ? cello? Akie Shiragami


original? Mori shimo suu?? uYumi Saki and Koi"Kodansha "Dessert" series? ? script? Sanae Iijima


2021/6/4 (Fri) 〜2021/6/13 (Sun)

Friday, June 04 19:00
Saturday, June 05 13:00 / 18:00
Sunday, June 06 13:00 / 18:00
Tuesday, June 08 19:00
Wednesday, June 09 13:00 / 19:00
Thursday, June 10 19:00
Friday, June 11 19:00
Saturday, June 12 13:00 / 18:00 0
Sunday, June 13 13:00

※Open 45 minutes before the performance
※Cameras may enter the audience during the performance. Please understand in advance.
※The schedule may be changed due to changes in social conditions. Please check the official website, etc. before coming.

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*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
※Tickets can be requested up to 4 tickets per performance per person.
※This performance will lend a tablet subtitle guide to customers with hearing impairments. Due to the limited number of guides, tickets with guide loans will be sold on the official website from general release.
※Passengers in wheelchairs should purchase tickets in advance and (https://www.watanabepro.co.jp/enq/QLF4c/). On the day of the play, the staff will guide you to the wheelchair space.
Wheelchair space is limited and may be available in the seat you purchased. Please understand in advance.
※No refunds will be made except for the cancellation of the performance.
※Operating policies may change due to government or local government arrangements.

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