Korean New Playwright Series Vol.6

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This is a series of Korean new playwrights who translate and perform award-winning works of "New Year's Literature", a new Korean artist.

Six works by contemporary Korean new playwrights, through performances, talk sessions, lectures, etc., we will promote theater exchange between Japan and Korea, and create a place to share and deepen mutual understanding of the problems of modern society and to think about the future.

The 6th film will be broadcast online from April 2021, and will be held at Kita-Pia (Kita-ku, Tokyo) from Wednesday, May 26 to Sunday, May 30.

production performance
< &br />【PROGRAM A】As if it were different from today,
<Korean disparity society underlying the movie "Parasite". Its origins are here.
The story of a family (grandmother, grandfather, father, son) who lives in a shabby house. Father=Takshi - driver uns, who is gambling mad and can't put money at home, comes home. His parents, Tebok (bus driver) and Okua, try to admonish their son, but Uns doesn't have an ear to hear. In the meanness, I can hear the baby crying. Uns' son Mansok (motorcycle flight driver) was bringing back a baby that had been abandoned in a courier's box! (2017 Seoul Shimbun New Year Literary Drama Category Award)
<<【PROGRAM B】Family Play
<Our lives may only live while continuing to play the roles we are entrusted with.
Mother and daughter in a hospital room with a seaside. The daughter who had a bad relation had been kind like another person after three years. Even if she doubts Ji-Hyun's attitude, her mother, who has a long life left, gets along well. My father, who remarried after an affair, had another daughter, and they were both just like his father. Jiun, who met his father for the first time in his life, is asked to do a family play for a month instead of his late daughter.
(2019 Korean Playwrights Association New Year Literary Drama Category Award)

[PROGRAM C Torch (Co-produced by Japan and Korea)
Strange interaction between dentist and boy asks the meaning of human survival in extreme conditions!
Moonlight is a mess of dead soldiers on the battlefield. A boy holding a torch in his hand and carrying a large house visit bag with a dentist who is removing silver and gold teeth from a corpse. The boy wants to set the torch on fire, but don't light it at night because he's easy to be targeted by enemies on the battlefield. It was two people who were not real parents and children, but the boy felt like his biological father, and the doctor also lied to the guards that the boy was his son in order to escape the examination. (2017 Korean Playwrights Association New Year Literary Drama Category Award)

[PROGRAM D]A Day of Kind Aimi Sensei
<Listen to the lonely cries of an old teacher left behind in the era!
An ordinary Korean high school staff room. Mr. Eimi, 58, still comes to work first thing in the morning today, watering orchid pots. However, young teachers do not call out to her even if it comes to work. Eimi-sensei is floating in the school. While the relationship between teachers and students is changing more friendly than in the past, Aimi-sensei can't adapt herself to the changing times. And one day, being late is going to hit that anger on one of the addicted students. (2018 Toa Nippo New Year Literary Drama Category Award)

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【PROGRAM A】? Kobayashi Electric 縲' Hiage 縲°v Naoko Hoba 縲¢ Pupa magazine G 縲"Kabu c Yu prayer??? Yo guest 26,28 days?Es?<V ??? Yo guest 27,29 days∴ Gan?, ??? Yo guest 30 days? ? 【PROGRAM B】? Ishinabe Takawa 縲°g Tomoe Ta 縲 £| Manauchi ? 【PROGRAM C】? Tanigawa Kiyoka 縲∴ Rei 縲♂ Chido 縲 髢 @髢縲% Nbe Aya Moe ? 【PROGRAM D】? Yoshie Sakamoto 縲". ImiSaho 縲$Emizu Yuka 縲°CR 縲♂ Atsuya 縲000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


【PROGRAM A】? Jo Hyun-joo??? Sie?°熕 "1??| Why?5?°g Yu Mura?? Rim o/Tokyo High Beam? ? 【PROGRAM B】? Hong Jinyong??? Sie?°熕 "1??| Translation / Direction / World amI?5?*{Ietokuhisa?? Rim o assistant? ? 【PROGRAM C】? Im Jinyon??? Sie?°熕 "1??| Why?Es?<с Sword E Hyoyun?? Rim o?Es?°煬b bell?? Relationship o Cooperation and interpretation? ? 【PROGRAM D】? Lee sujin??? Sie?@半m projection??| Why?Es?@髢Liat?? En o/Theater Company Impression-indian elephant-?


2021/5/26 (Wed) 〜2021/5/30 (Sun)

Wednesday, May 26 19:00 [A / B]
Thursday, May 27 14:00 [A / B] / 19:00 [C / D]
Friday, May 28 14:00 [B / C] / 19:00 [A / D]
Saturday, May 29 11:00 [B / C] / 15:00 [A / D] / 19:00 [C / D]
May Sunday, 30th 11:00 [A/C] / 15:00 [B/D]

※Reception and opening are 30 minutes before the start.

A "May It Be Different From Today" (Director: Yu Yoshimura)
B "Family Play" (Directed by Kim Se-i)
C "Torch" Co-produced between Japan and Korea (Directed by Yang & #183; Hyoyun) & lt;br />D "A Day in the Life of a Kind Emi Teacher" (Directed by Atsuto Suzuki)

※We will perform in two pieces each time! Please be sure to check and purchase.
※The order of each performance may be before or after.
※Scheduled performance time: 45 minutes & #12316 60 minutes for each work. There is a break on the way (15 minutes scheduled)

Ticket Fee

General: 4,000 yen
High school students and younger: 2,500 yen * Certificate required on the day
(all seats free and tax included)
</><</>Tickets here are > Lt;font color="mediumblue">[Phone Reservations]<<<<<<<</font>is also available.
Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

+ Ticketing Fee


Kita-Topia Pegasus Hall


*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

※If you live in Kita-ku, Tokyo, you can purchase at a discounted price. Only Hokupia Ticket Online (web/pre-registration required) or Kita-Pia 1st floor ticket office (driver's license, insurance card, etc. required at the counter) are available. Discount purchases are available on the web and at the counter for up to 4 tickets per person.
※If you are visiting in a wheelchair, please contact the Kita-ku Cultural Promotion Foundation (03-5390-1221) after purchasing tickets.

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