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Musical "We Are Not Angels"

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The miracle that the angel called on the night of New Year's Eve --
The musical "We are not angels", a representative work of it's Foleys, is renewed with a new production!

Three escaped prisoners escaped to a snowy mountain villa on New Year's Eve one year. Three people were "Tetsu of the screw nail", "Three ta of the fountain", and "36 of the campus", and it was a thug who killed the person. Three people help the father and daughter who were trying to be in the heart without mind in the mountain villa which wandered by chance. According to the will, father's Ming was in the unreasonable mind of the end which thought that it might be difficult to live because mitsuko of the youngest daughter who had been left had an intellectual disability when only I died because of the debt. After regaining consciousness, Mitsuko believed the escaped prisoners who helped her to be "angels."
Emi, a sister and daughter who came home from shopping, is astonished to learn that her father and sister were trying to do everything in their hearts. And there are three strange and suspicious men in the house. The beginning of Emi's fianc?e comes to visit there without knowing anything by father's cousin Kurokawa who is the person who caused father and daughter to attempt suicide.

The musical "We Are Not Angels", a representative work of It's Follies, which premiered in 1974 with Akira Nishimura, Minghara Maeda and others, and has since performed more than 1,500 times nationwide through various castings. Since 2008, the first re-performance in 13 years will be directed by Nanahide Kanazawa, a youth seat, and will be delivered with a new production. Tetsu has Etsuo Yokobori of The Youth Seat and 26 are active in the musical world, and S triplets are served by Yu Yoshida of It's Follies. Please look forward to the musical "We are not angels" to be presented in the renewal.

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Etsuo Yokobori ? Aizumi ? Yu Yoshida ? Ami Tanaka ? Naga Okawa ? Akio Nakamura ? Ryuji Mizuno ? Yosuke Otsuka ? Takehiro Yoshimura?? 懶 ? Shu Matsuda?? 勦 Hitoshi Asakawa ? Ayako Suzuki ? Yui Tojo ? Yuka Tone


script? Shizuo Yashiro ? Script and lyrics? Toshio Fujita ? Lyrics? Keisuke Yamakawa ? music? Do you want to see it? Directing? Nanahide Kanazawa?? Tussies?


2021/5/11 (Tue) 〜2021/5/16 (Sun)

* Eligible performances
Wednesday, May 12 19:00☆
Thursday, May 13 14:00☆/19:00●< ;br />Saturday, May 15, 13:00●
2 people each Total 8 people

※The opening is 45 minutes before the start.
※Some W cast configurations. For details, please visit the group website.

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Limited to 8 people! 6,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → 5,400 yen more 200PGet!

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Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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*Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.

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It was founded in 1977 as a theater company specializing in musicals. Musicals for children, children, youth, schools, the general public and a wide range of age groups have been performed nationwide and have been well received. In addition to theater company performances, there are currently about 55 members of the theater company who perform a variety of activities such as stage performances, television, commercials, and events for external works. In addition to musical performances, he continues to work through the country as a lecturer and staff member of citizen musicals and workshops.


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