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096k Kumamoto Opera Company Regular Performance Stage Keiji Maeda Cover Trip - Higo Tiger Kiyo masayoshi Kato - Ed.

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096k Kumamoto Opera Company The first performance is the manga "Keiji Maeda Cover Trip" (original, Written by Tetsuo Hara, animation by Nobuhiko Horie, Masato Deguchi)

The original manga "Maeda Keiji Cover Trip" is a popular Sejima manga serialized in monthly Comic Zenon. The first volume of comics became a release immediate edition, and it is a work of expectation that continues to be a hit with the number of parts one after another.

Keiji Maeda, a rare sengoku-against wearer, travels to countries after the Battle of Sekigahara and visits famous warlords from all over the country, and it is a large-group picture scroll that begins when Keiji, who headed from Kyoto to Higo, meets Kiyoma Kato, who is struggling to build Kumamoto Castle and build a country.

096k Kumamoto Opera Company will perform a theatrical live performance where you can fully experience the charm of the characters and worldview of this manga original.

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096k Kumamoto Opera Company



2021/5/28 (Fri) 〜2021/6/26 (Sat)

Friday, May 28 19:00
Saturday, May 29 19:00
Friday, June 4 19:00< ;br />Saturday, June 5 19:00
Friday, June 11 19:00
Saturday, June 12 19:00
Friday, June 18 19:00
Saturday, June 19 19:00
June 2 Friday, June 5, 19:00
Saturday, June 26, 19:00

※Doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.

Ticket Fee

All seats are free (advance): 2,500 yen

※Web reservation only.

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096k Kumamoto Opera Company
A female opera company from Kumamoto called "Fire Country" that performs live based on manga.


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