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<重要>Notice of cancellation and refunds <<
From Thursday, May 6, 2021 to Sunday, May 9, 2021
"TACT FESTIVAL 2021 Family Seat"

The performance has been canceled due to the declaration of a state of emergency.

Refund Period:Wednesday, April 28, 2021 10:00
Refund procedures vary depending on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase from 0 to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, May 31, 2021.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section you have used.
※Please note that we will refund the campeti points increased or decreased at the time of purchase after processing them as appropriate.

◎Credit card payment customers

By the end of May , the credit card company used to make the payment will suspend or refund the debit.
There is no customer procedure.

【Notes】Please be sure to check
・ Please discard your ticket
・ Customers who have not yet issued a ticket do not need to be issued.
・ Please check the details of your credit card for refunds.

◎Seven-Eleven over-the-counter customers

those who paid in cash or credit cards>
Ticketed "Seven-Eleven" stores.
Please bring your ticket within the reception period below.
Refund period:2021/4/28 (Wed) 10:00 - 2021/5/31 (Monday) 23:59
The ticket issued at the store contains the name of the store you purchased in the lower left of the ticket face.
If you are comfortable visiting the store, please contact us at the "Refund Inquiry" below.

Caffeti Ticket Center
(Operated by Long Run Planning Co., Ltd.)
03-6228-1630 (Weekdays 10) 18:00-18:00)

Tokyo Arts Theatre East transforms into a trendy seating hut!
On May 6, Hayashi family Niraku, who is known for his love of monsters in the entertainment world, challenges the marathon paper cutting of all monsters that appeared in all 39 ultraman stories! Please spend 2 hours of ultra soaking with Takataro Yanagiya who also loves monsters and Ultraman.
On May 7th, shin- strike, a young man who will be responsible for the future of the falling word world, will gather together and cause a whirlpool of laughter. In addition, talk unique to family seats is also developed. Hope you're begging!
And may 8th and 9th are "Kodomo Rakugo" held in August of last year and gained popularity. A doctor's class by a young downteacher and a musical accompaniment. Skilled techniques by color artists such as tai kagura (acrobatics) and paper cutting. A full-bodied seat with shin-hitting that combines popularity and ability. We will give it with a lot of contents that can be enjoyed from children to adults.

Thursday, May 6, 18:00
"Cut 39 Ultra Monsters!?"
Hayashiya Niraku, Hayashiya Yaraku [Special Guest] Takataro Yanagiya, Takanosuke Yanagiya

Friday, May 7, 18:00
"Young People" Shin-hitting Step"
Yanagitei Koderu, Kyu-Tei Ataro, Takigawa Koihachi, Katsura Miyaji

Saturday, May 8 at 1:00 p.m.;lt;br />"Kodomo Rakugo - Flower Green Roll"
Yanagiya Hana midori, Hayashiya Niraku (paper cut), Sanyutei Wanjo

Saturday, May 8 17:00 00
"Kodomo Rakugo - Ichinosuke's Volume"
Shunfutei Ichinosuke, Hayashiya Niraku (paper cut), Shunfutei Shoya

Sunday, May 9, 13:00
"Kodomo Rakugo - Masakura No Maki"
Hayashi family Masazo, Oye Katsumaru (Taikaraku), Shunfutei Pichiri ☆
Related project "Kangeki no Souvenir" vol.3
What you have seen and experienced are "souvenirs" that will remain in your heart.
This is a workshop to make the "souvenir" a "souvenir" not only for yourself but also for everyone.
learn more

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May 6 (Thu) 18:00 "Ultra Monster 39 Bodies Cut!?"? Hayashiya Niraku 縲 @Muya Yaraku 縲=y Special Guest] 縲 Takashi Yanagiya*? Friday, May 7, 18:00 "Young Shin-hitting Step"? Yanagitei Kofuraku 縲$Fukotei Ataro縲¢ ??? E縲′j Miyaji ? May 8 (Sat) 13:00 "Kodomo Rakugo - Flower Green Roll"? Yanagiya Hana midori 縲 @Muya Niraku??? Ri-er?°CO Yutei Wanjo ? Saturday, May 8, 17:00 "Kodomo Rakugo - Ichinosuke's Volume"? Shunfutei Ichinosuke 縲 @Muya Niraku??? Lili?Es?¥tFutei Shoya ? Sunday, May 9, 13:00 "Kodomo Rakugo - Masazo no Maki"? Hayashi family Masazo 縲♂, Ie katsumaru?? Se Kagura?Es?¥tFutei Pichi ☆



2021/5/6 (Thu) 〜2021/5/9 (Sun)

Thursday, May 06 18:00
Friday, May 07 18:00
Saturday, May 08 13:08 00 / 17:00
Sunday, May 09 13:00

※Doors open 30 minutes before the show starts.
※Please check the "Performance Contents Column" above for performances and performers.

Ticket Fee

Thursday, May 6 and Friday, May 7
Adult: 3,800 yen
Under 25 years old: 2,000 yen & lt;br />High school students and younger: 1,000 yen
Elementary school students: 500 yen
Family set ticket: 3,800 yen (1 adult + 1 elementary school student)
;※Preschoolers not allowed in

Saturday, May 8, Sunday, May 9 Adult: 3,000 yen
Under 25 years old: 2,000 yen
High school students and younger: 1,000 yen
Elementary school students and younger: 500 yen
Family set ticket: 3,000 yen (1 adult + 1 elementary school student or younger)
※Under 4 years old admission

<<>※Tickets for under 25 years old, high school students and younger, elementary school students and younger are required.
[All seats free (tax included, numbered)]

※Performances and performers vary depending on the performance. 【Official WEBSITE】Please be sure to purchase.

Tickets here are [Phone Reservations]>/font>is also available.
Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Arts Theatre Theatre East


* If you have a disability handbook, you can watch the play at a discounted rate. For more information, please visit the Theater Box Office or the Theater HP(Viewing Support).

*The hearing loop (magnetic loop) is activated for all dates.

※Resale for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

※Please note that performance information, etc. may change due to unexpected circumstances.

※Please help wear a mask (3 years old or older). Those who do not wear masks are not allowed to enter.

※Those with fever or those who are recognized as unwell may be refused entry on the day. Please understand in advance.

※In this performance, tickets will be sold in accordance with the seating limit from the government after sufficiently securing between the stage and the audience.

[Tokyo Arts Theatre Box Office]
0570-010-296 (10:00-19:00 except closed days)
※Not available from mobile phones, PHS and IP phones.

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