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Martin McDonagh has established himself in film and theater with his humor filled with fear and realism. Set in a rural part of Ireland, the theater group circle that performed all of <リーナン三部作>"Beauty Queen of Reenan", "Connemara's Skeleton" and "Rontham West" welcomes the director Jigo Tera, who is now in the spotlight, and hotly spins a thynic adult fable that approaches the inner human being.

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Akihiko Ishisu ? Minoru Watanabe ? Kentaro Mizuki ? Yuya Tamaki ? Shohei Harada ? Yuriko Inoue ? Koga Arisa


Work? Martin McDonagh ? Translation? Erika Ogawa ? Directing? Jigo Temple ? Art? 乘 Masahiro Mitsumine ? Lighting? Makiko Sasaki ? Acoustic? Naot person Iwano


2021/5/2 (Sun) 〜2021/5/9 (Sun)

*Eligible performances
Sunday, May 2, 13:00
Monday, May 3 13:00
Tuesday, May 4 13 :00
Wednesday, May 5th 13:00
2 people each 8 people

※The opening is 30 minutes before the start.
※Performance time: About 3 hours (planned)

Ticket Fee

Limited to 8 people! General 5,800 yen (tax included) → [Reserved seat exchange ticket]<more 300PGet!

Tickets here are ;[Phone Reservations]/font> is also available.
Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Actor's Theatre


【Reserved seat exchange ticket】
On the day, please exchange for a seat ticket at the reception from 60 minutes before the start.
Consecutive seats may not be available. Please understand in advance.

Organizations Overview

In 1975, he became independent from the theater company Yun, centering on the late Hiroshi Akutagawa, and this year will mark the 46th anniversary.
The yen's goal is to keep a broad perspective on the biggest classics, from the biggest classics of all east and west to today's latest works, and to continue to freely and flexibly ask what is truly dramatic that should be true to the bottom. In addition to presenting translated works from classics to the latest works, he is also actively working on works written by contemporary playwrights, and has a reputation for the variety of repertoire.


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