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In spring 2021, KAAT theaters are out!
A special theater opens in the first floor square (atrium) with a full view from the main street!
Kansai Shogi legend Sakata Sankichi's turbulent first-in-a-life book, "Wang Sho" three-part performance at once.

<Keishi Nagatsuka The first performance after 1st artistic director is a luxurious "popular theater"!
Keishi Nagatsuka will become artistic director of the theater this spring after a two-year artistic experience. As the first performance after his inauguration, we will perform the masterpiece "Wang Sho" three-part work by Hideji Hojo depicting the life of the genius player Sankichi Sakata.

2017, Fukuda Rolling ,Koui Obori,Keishi Nagatsuka ,Keiya Yamauchi Formed by four people,New Royal Mass HouseThis work was performed at the small theater "Paradise" in Shimokitazawa with only 80 seats. Set in the bustling city of Osaka, the bony human drama, which was performed by a diverse cast, was very popular as a work filled with the charm of "theater".

And this time kaat team up with the New Royal Mass House, we will re-create the legendary "King Sho" and perform it in a special theater set up in the atrium on the first floor of the theater. Please look forward to the luxurious "popular theater" in which Nagatsuka, who wants to "open" the theater more from now on, pulls the theater itself to the front and challenges it.

The charm of Hideji Hojo's masterpiece play "WangSho"
Hideji Hojo's "King General" was a big hit in 1947 and was a big hit, and two sequels were written. In addition, it has been made into a movie many times starring Bando Tsumasaburo and Mikuni Retaro, and has been popular as a popular song sung by Hideo Murata, and has been popular with people for a long time.

Please enjoy a tasteful story that can be said to be a "human affair story" depicting the life of Sankichi Sakata, a genius player born in Tennoji, Osaka, at the foot of Tsutenkaku, and who fought through the turbulent times of the Meiji and Showa periods, and the human patterns with the family, friends, and disciples who supported it.

And speaking of shogi, which Sankichi has been immersed in all his life, it is one of the mind sports that is causing a big boom in the world right now. It is also a big highlight of this work that you can touch the history of the Kansai shogi world, the famous game that remains in history, and a piece of the deep world of shogi.

Takako Tokiwa, Reiko Eguchi Attractive Cast and Gorgeous Creators <

In addition to the four unique new Royal Mass House, this performance will bring together a new and attractive cast, as well as Takako Tokiwa,Norika Eguchi.

The music is also a member of the New Royal Mass House Keiya Yamauchi . Please look forward to the music that adds color to your work.

In addition, Yukio Horio , Shigeo Saito , and Isao Tsuge . It is a must-see for the unique worldview created by creators who continue to make strides at the fore in the performing arts world.


39 Meiji, Osaka is Tennoji Temple. Sakata Sankichi, a shogi finger who is called an amateur master, spends his days immersed in shogi without regard for his family and is chased by debt. Eight years after losing to Sekine 7th dan in the shogi tournament, he finally wins against Sekine, but his daughter Tamae reprimands her for not dinging in shogi. Sankichi, who reconsidered the words, abandoned the rich life with his wife, Koharu, and continued to follow the path of shogi.
<<>Part 2
In 1913, Sankichi was expelled from the Shogi Federation in Tokyo and became isolated. Tamae who cuts the body to support such Sankichi's poor and rough life and a young second daughter's child who stares at the spectacle. In the early winter of 1946, Sankichi broke his 12-year silence and entered the east-west game with Kimura Hachidan at Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto.
<<Part 3
As the era progressed into war, Sankichi's apprentice Matsushima died in an accident, and his apprentice Morikawa also went to war. After returning five years later, Morikawa won against The Master Kimura, who reigned at the highest peak, but Sankichi doesn't like that Morikawa won, not himself. Three years later, under Sankichi, who lives quietly with his prince and grandson Sho1 in a poor teneten house in Tennoji, Morikawa, who has become stronger, comes to visit when he finally challenges the master position decision game. Does Sankichi really suffer from jealousy?

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Fukuda Rolling Ball ? Obori Kouchi ? Keishi Nagatsuka ? Keiya Yamauchi ? New Royal Mass House over ? Takako Tokiwa ? Norika Eguchi ? Ryoka Morita ? Maki Hiron naka ? Akiki Sakurai ? Akira Takagi ? Yuki Fukumoto ? Aratani Shimizu ? Yukio Tsukamoto ? Koo Taketani ? Miwa Morita ? Yuya Tanaka ? Yuki Tadatsu ? Takashi Harada


Work? Hideji Hojo ? Composition script + direction? Keishi Nagatsuka ? Music? Keiya Yamauchi


2021/5/15 (Sat) 〜2021/6/6 (Sun)

05/15 (Sat) 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 3]
Sunday, May 16 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 3]
Wednesday, May 19 13:00 [Part 1 ◎☆]
Thursday, May 20 13:00 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 1]
Friday, May 21 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2]
Saturday, May 22 11:00 [Part 1]/ 14:30 [Part 2 ◎] ■] / 18:00 [Part 3]
Sunday, May 23 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 3]
May 27 (Thu) 13:00 [Part 1] / 18:00 [Part 2]
Friday, May 28 11:00 [Part 3◎] / 14:30 [Part 1]
Saturday, May 29 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 3]
Sunday, May 30 11:00 [Part 1◎] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 00 [Part 3]
Wednesday, June 02 13:00 [Part 3☆]
Thursday, June 03 13:00 [Part 3] / 18:00 [Part 1]
06/04 (Fri) 11:00 [Part 2] / 14:30 [Part 3]
Saturday, June 05 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00] Part 3]
Sunday, June 06 11:00 [Part 1] / 14:30 [Part 2] / 18:00 [Part 3]

※The opening is 30 minutes before the start.
*The content varies depending on the performance.
Please be sure to check and purchase.

◎=Pre-order and fee (Mothers 0120-788-222)
☆=Aftertalk available. When the speakers decide, we will inform you on the website.
■= The camera enters the audience for recording. Please understand in advance.

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