Musical "Mata Hari"

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Drawn with frank wildhorn's beautiful and eloquent music,
The story of the love and tragedy of one woman who has made a name for her in history.
A masterpiece musical about Mata Hari, who became a spy and men who change her fate, while being a dancer who dominated the world, the long-awaited re-performance!

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Mata Hari? Yuzuki Reon 縲∴, is it rare?? Cast?? Radoo? Kazuki Kato 縲% c-1000000000000000000000000000000000000 Cast?? Armand? Miura 縲% blood[? Cast?? Anna? Hitomi Harukaze ? Von Bissing? Shuntaro Miyao ? Naotji Kaji ? Hiromu Kudo ? Megy Iino ? Masato Ishii ? Hiroyoshi Ito ? Shun Kamijo ? Hayata Tateyama ? Ken Nakagawa ? Masatoshi Nakamoto ? Daisuke Moriyama ? Miyu Ayahashi ? Chiga Ishii ? Miho Ishige ? Yoko Sakurayuki ? Sarry ? Rieko Takano ? Masaya Harada


Screenplay? Ivan Menchel ? Composed? Frank Wildhorn ? Lyrics? Jack Murphy ? Original arrangements and orchestrations? Jason Holland ? Translation, translation, direction? 1000000000000000


2021/6/15 (Tue) 〜2021/6/27 (Sun)

*Eligible performances
Tuesday, June 15 18:30
Wednesday, June 16 18:30
Thursday, June 17 18:30
06/20 Sun 17:00
Tuesday, June 22 18:30
Friday, June 25 13:30 / 18:30
<※Some W casts.
Be sure to check cast schedule.

Ticket Fee

S seat: 13,500 yen
A seat: 9,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)
> lt;font color="blue">[Note]
★ Card payment only. 4/24 (Sat) After 10:00
Please receive your ticket at the 7-Eleven store cash register.
★ seat number until the time of ticket receiving.
Please note.
※No phone reservations
+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Building Brillia HALL (Toshima City Arts and Culture Theatre)


* Preschool children are not allowed to enter
※If you are visiting in a wheelchair, please provide your seat number to Umeda Arts Theater (0570-077-039) by the first day of the performance.
※Depending on future social conditions, the content of the performance, the start time, and the sale of tickets are subject to change.
※If there is a change in the performers or schedule, please understand without any inconvenience. Even in the case of a performer change, it cannot be changed to another day or refunded.

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