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Girl's Side MEGASTA."FIRST DREAM -The First Yume I See With You-"


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["Tsukiuta. ]
"Tsukiuta. "Lt;br /> Based on characters inspired by each month from January to December, it is a series CD that weaves songs and stories inspired by each month.

What a world of the moon!
In a dimension separate from the earth, their world is a world made up of the spiritual energy of the people of the earth.
It is the role of the people of the moon to guide their energy so as not to be lost or misguided, and it is the goddesses who represent it.
Female characters are candidates aiming for the "goddess",
In order to activate the spiritual energy of the earth, they are active as net idols!
(Sometimes I come to earth secretly...)
I will do my best today with the aim of each woman god I admire!

Even idols are hard, otherwise girls are hard.

Rina Takase, who works for a major trading company, had a secret that no one could tell. It is a hobby of promoting female idols. In the shadow of living with the eyes of the surroundings in mind, I secretly go to live. However, when Nakajima And Koyoni, a secret pushing companion, entered the event production company with a growing hobby, he because of his hesitation in camofra life.

I too...... I want to say that I like what I like!

She suddenly entered the help from the calendar with the joint live "LUNATIC ☆ GIRLS LIVE (Lunarai)" of Tsukipro's female idol units "Fluna" and "Seleas"!
Over the troubles and incidents that wind up behind the stage, all you want to deliver is a song and dance, and a sparkly smile!

-This is a story from those days when Fluna and Seleas were still on the run.

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Fluna? Tachibana Rie 縲∽ Chihosei 縲♂#?g縲縲% 拷縲 Ninashi Natomo ? Seleas? Chihiro Saito縲 "Rei Ikura縲 $V Kawamahaku 縲≠?Sunabe Kasumi縲 ¥H 縲&Kanako Sumatsu ? Original character? Okubo Walnut 縲 #Kisa


Original story and screenplay? Fujiwara ? Character draft? Also? Directing? Go Mikai?? lanet Kids Entertainment?


2021/4/7 (Wed) 〜2021/4/11 (Sun)

*Eligible performances
Wednesday, April 07 18:00◆
Thursday, April 08 18:00☆
Friday, April 09 12:09 30◆ / 18:00☆
6 people each 24 people
◆Flower performance:Fluna center
☆Star performance:Selies center

Ticket Fee

Limited to 24 people! 8,500 yen (all seats reserved, tax included) → 7,200 yenMore 3600PGet! (Updated 4/8 7:05 p.m.)

Tickets here are [Phone Reservations]</font> is also available.
Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Sog moon hall


* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
※Resale prohibition for commercial purposes
※When purchasing multiple tickets, seats may not be available in consecutive numbers due to the situation and infection control. Please understand.
※The name and emergency contact information of the registration at the time of ticket purchase of this performance may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary, such as in the event of an infected person from the visitor. Please understand in advance.

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