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The 90th anniversary of the founding of The New Year's Theater May National Theatre Performance
"Dance Manipulating 3rd 叟" "Keita no Kinta"

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In May, the first performance to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the foundation, the National Theatre performance will be enjoyed in two programs from the fourth performance of kabuki three genres called "dance", "period" and "care".
The program Sonoichi is a two-piece 叟 "Dance Manipulated 3rd" and "Keita's Kinta".
"Dance 3rd 叟" is one of the most popular dances "Sanban 叟" to wish for a rich harvest of five grains. A gorgeous and humorous dance in which an "invisible thread" can be seen between a dancer dressed as a yarn puppeteer and a puppeteer.
"Keita no Kinta" is a performance of the original comedy of The Coming ForwardZa based on three classics' classics, re-tailored as a kabuki care. The "avenge play" that was prepared by the entertainment of cherry blossom viewing is real before you know it?! With the ensemble of the forward seat and the teamwork unique to the theater company, we will deliver a new care comedy. In the play, "90th Anniversary Mouth" is also entered.
Please enjoy it together with the program Sono2!

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"Dance Manipulating 3rd 叟" Old Man? Tatsuzaburo Yamazaki ? Chitose? Ai Hirasawa ? Third 叟? Yoshizaburo Arashi ? Puppeteer? Motoyuki Watanabe ? "Kinta of Taya", Kinta of the shop? Kotaro Nakajima ? Kim Tai Mother? Tatsuzaburo Yamazaki ? Crane? Minoru Hamana ? Sannojo? Yunosuke Tamaura ? Kamisoya Osasa? Kunitaro Kawarazaki ? Young husband Tadachi? Einojo Hayase ? Nakamura Emon? Yanosuke Fujikawa


Choreography of "叟 3rd" choreography? Tokubei Hanayanagi ? Guidance? Mikae Hanayanagi ? Stage progression? Fumitaka Ono ? The work of "Kinta of Taya"? Tadashi Tsumi ? Revised and directed? Fumitaka Ono ? Equipment? Kaede Kobayashi ? Lighting? Masumi Sakurai ? Music? Katsuhiko Kiya 縲°n YaSanoyoshi 縲%c Nakasayuki ? Stage director? Koji Nakahashi


2021/5/7 (Fri) 〜2021/5/18 (Tue)

Friday, May 7 11:00
Saturday, May 8 11:00
Sunday, May 9 11:00
Thursday, May 13 11:00
Saturday, May 15 14:30
Sunday, May 16 11:00
Tuesday, May 18 14:30
※The opening is 30 minutes before the start.
※Duration: Approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes

Ticket Fee

First class seat: 9,000 yen / Second class A seat: 5,000 yen / Second class B seat: 3,500 yen / Third class seat: 2,500 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

<1, 000 yen discount! First class seat: 9,000 yen → Campeti first class seat 8,000 yen!
<*Web reservations only.

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National Theatre, Great Theatre


The Troupe was founded in 1931 by young Kabuki actors and celebrates its 90th anniversary in May 2021.
From the postwar period before the war to the present day, from urban large theaters to elementary and junior high school gymnasiums in various places, we are pushing forward with the spread of theater.
Known as a valuable theater company with kabuki in its repertoire, performances at the National Theatre Have been held since 1981 as a signboard performance of The New Forward Seat.

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