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[NEW]Pissarro SPOT movie has arrived!

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b>The encore performance of the legendary stage "Pissarro", which became a phantom performance of only 10 times in corona disaster last year, has been decided!
Shogun Ken Watanabe and Inca King Miyazawa Ice Fish face off. A masterpiece that resonates now, again!

In March 2020, ken Watanabe starred ken Watanabe, who was scheduled to open as the first performance of the PARCO Theater Opening Series,Pissarro" postponed the first day due to coronal disaster, and only 10 performances were scheduled for 45 times. In response to the requests of many people who did not realize the theater, the encore performance will begin in May 2021.

Pissarro (Original Title: The Royal Hunt of the Sun) tells the story of Pissarro, the founding Spanish general who led a juming of 167 soldiers and conquered the Inca Empire of 24 million people in the 16th century. It is a masterpiece play by Peter Schaefer, one of Britain's leading playwrights, who has won numerous awards, including the Tony Award for Best Picture and the New York Playwright Critics Award for "Amadeus" and "Equus". The Japanese premiere was 36 years ago at parco theater in 1985. Yama?s effort was pissarro, and Ken Watanabe, who was still unknown at the time, played Ataualpa, king of the Inca Empire, and left a vivid impression on the audience. Last year, Ken Watanabe returned as the title role to this play, which became one of the pieces that made him decide to "make an actor his life's work". Moreover, at the age of 60, it was the first in the opening series of the new PARCO Theater, and it became a milestone performance for Ken Watanabe and parco theater. Ken Watanabe's Pissarro was a wonderful one with scale and passion that resonated with the depths of human existence.
Directed by Will Tuckett, who has been with the Royal Ballet for a long time and won the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment for Wind in the Willows. The production was dynamic and beautiful, vividly depicting the inner conflicts, loneliness, and abyss of existence behind the clash of different cultures.
And it is Miyazawa Ice Fish who played the role of Inca King Ataualpa, the son of the sun, facing Pissarro. In 2018, in "The Sea of Fertility", which was a stage adaptation of Yukio Mishima's last feature novel, Ataualpa, which was challenged by Miyazawa Ice Fish, who showed remarkable progress, was described as not giving up by Ken Watanabe, and his eleganity and eleganity brought brilliance to the stage.
In May of this year, ken Watanabe, Ice Fish Miyazawa, as well as talented actors such as Hideo Kurihara, Sasuke Ohtsuru, Sakunori Hasegawa, Seiji Sotoyama, and others gathered again. The curtain of the long-awaited "Pissarro" rises.

What did pissarro, the old general, keep looking for and get? What did the confrontation with the Inca king bring to him? "Pissarro" is a masterpiece that approaches the essence of human existence against the background of the ever-unstoppable cultural and ethnic conflicts in human history. Please look forward to the encore performance of the masterpiece that resonates with us today.

AD 1531. Pissarro, a crude and raised general over 60 years old, began preparations for the conquest of the Incas, the last expedition of his life.
The soldiers gathered are the commoners who dream of a thousand gold.
Led by 167 people, including such mercenaries, Pissarro set out to conquer Peru.
Spend six weeks out of the forest and spend two weeks slaughtering thousands of Indios after a grueling march over the Andes, and capturing Ataualpa, the King of the Incas who claims to be the son of the sun.
Pissarro demands enormous gold to pay for the release of Ataualpa.
And pissarro and the Spaniards with enormous gold...

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Ken Watanabe ? Miyazawa Ice Fish ? Hero Kurihara ? Sae Ohtsuru ? Yasuyuki Shudo ? Kazuya Kikuchi ? Masahiro Asano ? Shunsuke Kubozuka ? Yuta Ozawa ? Yoshiaki Kanai ? Shimoso Gentaro ? Takeguchi Ryucha ? Shoki Matsui ? Hiroki Thin Flat ? Resuke Nakanishi ? Watanabe or 吁 ? Sho Watanabe ? Hiroshima Mitsu ? Shota Hatori ? Ryosuke Hagiwara ? Takahiko Kato ? Tsurue Ishito ? King Takashi ? Satoru Maeda ? Sato Marin ? Nana Suzuki ? Lyo Takarakawa ? Seiji Sotoriyama ? Y first year Hasegawa


Work? Peter Schaefer ? Translation? 13 Itami ? Directing? Will Tuckett


2021/5/15 (Sat) 〜2021/6/6 (Sun)

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