9PROJECT vol.14
Atami Murders - Prostitution Investigators


Performance content

 In 1996, it premiered as a launch performance of the Grasp hei theater company in University. In 1999, 1999, 1999, 1999, 1999, 1999, 100-year-old 1999 held his first theatrical performance in Japanese in Korea. It was the forerunner of the opening up of Japanese culture. In addition, the appearance of a woman and a director detective who continues to stand strongly despite being oppressed in a male society has great sympathy and excitement, and is still very popular.

9PROJECT has performed early 1970s and 1980s works. And last year, when we performed the 1973 premiere of "Atami Murders", I wanted to see what kind of scenery I would like to see if I use the knowledge gained here in my late work.

In the last scene of the premiere version of "Atami", the chief detective calls the "Inspector General" and speaks a long line of rage. I think that it is not only "prostitution investigator" that there are other similar lines in the drama left regularly. Why did you put this long line that can be said to be a return to the origin while making a work with a theater company member who has not yet experienced acting in the land of University? I would like to create a new "prostitution" while verifying the commonality with the premiere version.

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Ai Takano ? Kazuki Nakado ? Tomoyuki Ogawa ? Asuka Shinzawa


Work? Let's get used to it. Directing? Kazunori Watanabe ? Stage director? Tomoya Kubota ? Lighting? Reiko Kiyoe ? Acoustic? Katsuhiro Naito ? Propaganda photos? Ryota Horiuchi ? Cooperation? Tekohye Office 縲′?Group PATHOS PACK縲 EAM JACKPOT


2021/4/14 (Wed) 〜2021/4/18 (Sun)

*Eligible performances
Wednesday, April 14 19:00
Thursday, April 15 19:00
Friday, April 16 19:00 00
Saturday, April 17 18:00
3-4 people each 14 people

※The opening is 30 minutes before the start.
※Duration:About 2 hours

Ticket Fee

Limited to 14 people! General 3,500 yen (all seats free, tax included) → 2,900 yenMore 700PGet! (Updated 4/8 7:05 p.m.)

Tickets here are [Phone Reservations]</font> is also available.
Caffeti Ticket Center
0120 -240-540
(Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
+ Ticketing Fee


Night Village d-Warehouse


Organizations Overview

A theater unit by three people who have been nursed under Ochiko hei, actors Ai Takano and Tomoyuki Ogawa, and director Kazunori Watanabe. It continues to perform mainly 1000s and 1980s 1000s.
The motto is to do everything you want to do. The three of us thoroughly discuss what we want to do now and what we want to challenge, and face the play purely. That's 9PROJECT.


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