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A synopsis
One day, Hiro, a boy who aspires to become an engineer, was summoned to a different world, boiland, along with Sakae and Imura, who lived in ruins, Hana, an orphan they raised, and her best friend, Shaw.
Hiro, who was trusted to repair the boyland warrior "Slide" who is in battle, travels to the enemy country [Cylinderia] to rescue the queen "Hydropower Windcraft" who caused the war with his friends and became a prisoner.
Who made this world and why was Hiro summoned?
Librarian "Hibiki" of the library approaches the heart of the mystery.

Set in a steampunk world, the battle unfolds inexhaust and deep human pattern.
The world we live in begins here.

>>Message from Producer
What do we need? Do I have to do it now?
Covid-19 has been thinking about it as the impact spreads.
There is no correct answer. However, there is a person who wants to deliver this work by all means now.

The effects of the new coronavirus do not completely end, but we have decided to conduct performances with great care in accordance with the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's infection prevention policy.
In order to ensure that visitors can see the theater with a little peace of mind, we will implement as many infection measures as possible, such as thorough hand washing and gargle, and wearing masks. There are some restrictions on the production.
In addition, information may change depending on the domestic infection situation in the future.
We would appreciate it if you could check hp, SNS, etc. for the latest information.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will strive to deliver the best works with the safety of our customers, casts and staff first.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Teruya Mori Pears Yuki Ozawa ??? Dan fool? Ryota Kono?? lueskywalkers/W cast? Saisuke Sato?? lueskywalkers/W cast? Izumi Yoshito?? DASH? Keishiro ??? "Soshin-ryu, Seranome Project? ? Ow?? Ema Kuwasaka?? Yonome project? Ryo Hokuto Teru ??? [Soshin-ryu? ? ? Natsumi Yamada ? Daisuke Ito?? S-turned dragon storm? Futa ? Kotaro Hashimoto?? DASH? Kyoko Shiina Hiroto Naruse?? Ellone? Kaoru Sasaki ? Yuki Takenouchi ? Atsushi ??? [Soshin-ryu? ? ? Akio Tsujimoto??? We're in a group? Keisuke Wada ? Keita Ebihara?? ey-up promotion? Lee Hyun-yu ?? Cast?? Yuki ??? [Soshin-ryu / W cast? ? KITTAR ? Ryota Nakanishi?? c Sakurado? Maki Ikeshita?? project juvenile?


Screenplay/Director Maya Asakusa?? Doronica?


2020/10/29 (Thu) 〜2020/11/3 (Tue)

10/29 (Thursday) 19:00★ -
Friday, October 30 19:00★ -
10/31 (Saturday) 13:00 - / 18:00★ -
Sunday, November 01 13:00 18:00 -
November 02 (Monday) 14:00★ - / 19:00 -
gt;November 03 (Tuesday/holiday) 13:00★ ( / 17:00 -

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In accordance with the guidelines of the theater, it will be a performance to reduce the number of seats.

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