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"Cutie Honey Emotional"
"The Live & #12316; Autumn Cultural Festival & #12316; As a special live version!!
And a number of songs that colored the [Cutie Honey Emotional],
in addition to the live with new songs, we will deliver the extra story !!
Enjoy the new faces of the characters "The Live"!
We will send you a lot of other fun projects. There might be a trailer for the next work!?

Stay tuned!

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Cutie? Megumi Kaminishi ? Jumper Honey? Ying Ying(S) Sweets Honey? Yuki Nishiba ? Cyber-honey? Airi Ikematsu ? Lovely Honey? Hiratsuka Yina ? Black Honey? Maho Tomita Ash _eins (Eins)? Natsumi Natsume ? Ash honey _zwei (Tsvai)? Mayumi Shiraishi Hayami Kaoru? Teru Ikuta ? Candy Claws? Saki Tano Joker Claw? Ami Ki Harajukkuro? Narumi Koga Pinky Claw? Don't horikoshi? Maid Claw? Satomo Hasegawa ? Sister Jill? Mountain? Pantherzora? Miyako Maikawa ? Alfonne. Yurika Kurosawa ? Tokimini Michal? Shoko Minmoto ? Dr. Kis moon? Yuki Kaon Ayako Sato? Momona ? Naoko? Michiko Ohashi ? Natsuko Aki? Rina Miyazaki Ensemble? Amano Natsuko Kaoru ∴ Yuri ∴ Higashi Anna"v?? K's x ¢摶's 'Shoko' Kaoru, iRi


Original? Go Nagai ? Written and directed? Kaoru Matsuta


2020/9/30 (Wed) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

Note: Performances
09/30 (Wed) 18:30 (Previous article: Alfonne/ Michal Tsunemi)
October 01 (Thu)
13:30 (Previous article: Jumper Honey / Sweets Honey)
18:30 (Previous article: Black Honey/ Ash Honey _eins)
October 0 2nd (Friday)
13:30 (Previous article: Lovely Honey/ Cyber Honey)
18:30 (Previous article: Cutie Honey/ Hayami Kaoru)
gt;Saturday, October 03
12:30 (Previous article: Candy Claw/Joker Claw)
17:30 (Previous article: Harajukkuro/ Maid Claw/Pinky Claw)
Sunday, October 04 12:30 (Previous article: Pantherzola/Sister Jill)

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