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-INTRODUCTION Introduction>>&font>br />When I wrote up Kagami no Kojo, I wished for one thing.

Only while I was reading this book was that everyone felt like they were spending time together in this castle with the main character Kokoro, and I wanted them to think of this place as their place.

And I've been secretly asking what a good place "stage" is to actually deliver that thought. While everyone has their own reality of fighting, they get together and spend time in the castle created on the stage. The uneal time that comes through the mirror is very similar to watching an interesting stage and spending a dense time there.

This time, It is Yutaka Narii who will build such a "kojo" on the stage. Mr. Narui is a wizard-like director who has presented me with many such dense stage experiences since I was a student. I'm excited to see what kind of "Kagami no Kojo" Narui-san and the wolf will show us!
br />Fukazuki Tsujimura
-------------------------------------------------------------------------->br />>The main character of Kagami no Kojo is a girl named Kokoro in the first grade of junior high school.
She was hurt by the malice of her classmates and was unable to leave the house, so she went to the castle behind the mirror, where she met six friends.

That is, this story tells the story of the adventures of a total of seven boys and girls. In order to make this story a stage, young talented actors such as Rina Ikoma and Shinya Mizoguchi gathered together.
The stage of the bookstore grand prize winner is high expectations of the customers, so to be honest, the pressure is great. However, I'm sure this member will show a performance that is beyond expectations.

Real "Kokoro", "Rion", "Aki" runs on the stage inexhaust and laughs and shouts.
Please come to the theater and see it with your eyes. We are looking forward to seeing you.
br />Yutaka Narui
darkgreen">ST ORY Story
Early in enrollment, Asai Kokoro, a first-year junior high school student who was harassed by his classmates and lived a life of confined to his home, notices that one day the mirror in his room is shining a gleaning light.
The moment you touch the scary mirror,
Kokoro is drawn into a different world where an strange castle rises.

The world spent by a castle manageer called "Wolf" and seven junior high school students who were recalled to her.
Anyone who finds the "key to their wish" will be able to fulfill their wishes.

Can you find the key to your wish? What is the surprising reason why seven people were gathered in the castle?
br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------
>br />

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Rina Ikoma Shinya Mizoguchi ? Hiroki Noda?? - Stick? Sara Yamamoto Koki Maeda Juri Harada Ms. Kawachi Yasuri Watanabe Naoto Tada Yui Kimura Misaki Ishimori Hikaru Inada ? Miki Sawada


Original "Kagami no Kojo" (Poplar)? Fukazuki Tsujimura Written and directed? Yutaka Narui


2020/9/22 (Tue)

9/22 (Tuesday/holiday) 15:00

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S seat / same-day voucher: 9,000 yen
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On the day of the performance, please exchange it for a seat reservation ticket at the same-day ticket reception from one hour before the performance.
Seats are not available.
Two or more people may be away from their seats. Thank you for your understanding.
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In the unlikely event that a person infected with the new coronavirus is in the theater, we ask that you register your name, contact information, etc. at the reception desk on the day so that you can reliably contact other customers of the same performance.

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Kariya City Cultural Center


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