NPO National Opera Company Blue Sakana
The 37th Performance of the Blue Sakana Group
The Lamb Sleeps at the Bottom of the Lake

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In addition to years of environmental destruction and nuclear facility accidents, humans are constantly living in fear of various infections due to the epidemic that occurred several years ago. In a world where capitalism and socialism have collapsed, people are sending every day in detail, following announcements from above, in the name of "new liberalism" issued by the new government.
The man "K" who is opening a small detective office in downtown on the surface serves as a "anything shop" behind the scenes and does a dark job called "cleaner". In contrast to the government's intentions, good and evil 綯 in the city. At that time, a new virus spreads in the city, and the spread of the infection falls into fear that people cannot see. According to the information, the virus commits to the human memory center.
The young man who became to wear "K" with three women who had each problem and evacuated to the shop of "K" gradually learns the justice that "K" talks about in the joint life, and remembers "dreaming". At that time, "K" was looking into the murder case of a senior information bureau official who had been requested by a person. And "K" notices that this investigation is a trap to trap himself. As the information agency's pursuer approaches the "K," he learns of the government's plot to pollute the virus and chooses to flee to a "contaminated" surface that no one has ever done in hundreds of years.

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Kaoru Takayanagi Iwata Arisa ? Kuribayashi Ariko ? Tsuneya Muramatsu Anna Seguchi ? Ryota Ima Takayuki Fujimoto Yutaka Hasegawa Ryota Nakata


Original, screenplay, composition, direction, direction? Keiichi Kanda Lighting? Maki Yagi Acoustic? Shohei Tanaka The stage director? Takeshi Kotani Concert master? Seihara Orchestra? Orchestra du Poisson Bleu


2020/11/3 (Tue)

Tuesday, November 3
[Matinee performance] 12:30 start
[Soare performance] 17:00 start

(performance time 2 and a half hours (including 15-minute break)

Ticket Fee

1,000円割引!S席7,000円 → カンフェティ席6,000円!
1,000円割引!A席5,000円 → カンフェティ席4,000円!

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Organizations Overview

The Blue Sakana Group was established in 1989 with a focus on students from the National College of Music, because it be because it be because it be bed as an NPO in 2003, and is an opera organization that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019. In the early days, he has performed a wide range of operas, from standard works to contemporary works, but since 2005 he has been working as an organization that performs creative opera works by Keiichi Kanda, artistic director, and has created and performed 19 original works to date as a rare "opera organization by the creator" in Japan.
In 2013, it was approved as an NPO, and has been working more vigorously to convey the appeal of opera-centered performing music to the general public and to contribute to the creation of a society where there is art close to us. Workshops, live performances, and CDs to nurture the next generation of artists and convey the appeal of the stage to the next generation of audiences. We are promoting a wide range of products, such as DVD releases and YouTube-based works.


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