Monkey Works Vol.05
"Kashida Yuji's Distorted Job hunting" ★ on the day of the event

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[A synopsis]
1990 Bubble collapse. In the boom of Japan without knowing anything, Yuji Shibata, who was enjoying campus life, did not hide his surprise at the transformation of the world.

In such a situation, her Yuri Hagino had received a job offer from a travel agency.
His childhood friend Makoto Shiraishi was a hippie, Shibata began to go to the comic he had made, and gradually became more and more enotized.

What is "working" that begins to question the systems of the world?

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(★) team? Yuhei ??? Danbancho??? Boys ♂? Dan Patch? EAM∴-ODAC? iss Women's Association? iss Women's Association? CTOR'S闌SH? (♪) team? Kento Nagaiwa ??? Dan Patch??Ashite Hata Keisuke ∴, ??? F flying girl? The Law of T-Lamming? EAM-$X ODAC? 桙 Tome Taiko? Ito Ayon?? iss Women's Association? iss闌 ¢ association?


Screenplay? Yuki?? oymilk Co.? ? The color and the direction? Tetsuhei Kasahara?? EAM-ODAC/Soymilk Co.?


2020/9/12 (Sat) 〜2020/9/22 (Tue)

Note: Performances
09/14 (Monday) 19:00(★)
09/15 (Tuesday) 19:00 (♪ ★)
09/16 (Wed) 19:00(★)
09/18 (Friday) 19:00(★)
09/19 (Saturday) 14:00(♪) / 19:00(♪)
09/20 (Sun) 14:00(♪) / 19:00(♪)

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Nakano The Pocket (film)


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With regard to the audience seats, we plan to perform with the distance between the customers between the left and right one seat.
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The ticket amount includes consumption tax.
(Resale of tickets is strictly prohibited.) If the resale is confirmed, there is a possibility that you will leave. In that case, we will not refund you at all.
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