[Otona Project 30th] Theater Unit [Explosion Otona Elementary School Students]
The 11th Extracurrevered Class "Like the Sun in Spring"


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As if to put an end to the war-to-war era, a warlord achieved the unification of the whole country.
The national stealing battle in a small island country ended, and Japan was working hard to create a new country as a great power.
However, it was chased to put out the remains of the war country, and there was an area far away from Edo where the official of the shogunate was not able to be looked at.
The land was building its own nation as the Ryukyu Kingdom.
There were many rich villages around the Ryukyu Castle in the center of the Ryukyu Kingdom, but at one point a band of thieves appeared and attacked the village, and every village became very poor.
The King of the Ryukyus formed an SS to confront the bandits that arangled the people, and protected the village from the bandits.
Harunosuke, who lives in The Village of Goddo, longed for the SS that always protected him, and trained without humans.
In front of Harunosuke, Goemon, the head of the bandits, appeared.
Harunosuke chases back the bandits 1st before the SS comes, and the king who heard his success admits to Joining Harunosuke's SS.
Harunosuke, who became an SS after a fine day, goes in and out of Ryukyu Castle and finds Goemon, who is received money from the king.
The captain of the SS tells an amazing truth to Harunosuke, who is confused that the bandits attacking the village are naturally in and out of the castle.
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Morita Haruka?? Are you an elementary school student? Hirose Ayaumi ? Shogo Yoshida Takumi Mano Takada Funa Airi Tanikawa ? Nomoto Eku ? Goto Aysaki ? Yuki Matsunami ? Ryotaro Hanatsuka Yuta Kobayashi Fujiki Sora ? Shoji Harada ? Shogo Hosoi ? Kaoru Arai ? Kaoru Osawa ? Misaki Ishihara?? Are you an elementary school student? Chinami Hayashi?? Are you an elementary school student? Yuna Shiratori?? Are you an elementary school student? Takashi Kosaka?? Are you an elementary school student? Yuta Yamada?? Are you an elementary school student? Mitsuo Kato Masayoshi Maruyama ? HakusaJudai


Written and directed? Mitsuo Kato


2020/9/25 (Fri) 〜2020/9/27 (Sun)

9/25 (Friday) 18:30
09/26 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
09/27 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:00

Ticket Fee

S seats: 8,800 yen
A seats with benefits: 7,800 yen
A seats: 6,800 yen
(All seats reserved)
>>>S Seat Benefits
Forward Column Guarantee
Original can batch
, one non-sold 2L version bromide (all five of each cast)
>br />b>★ A seat with benefits★
/> 1 non-sold 2L version bromide
(bromide type is the same as S seat privilege)
+ Ticketing Fee


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The number of seats will be sold at 50% due to infectious disease measures, and the left and right seats will be seated one by one.
There is no live distribution of this performance.

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