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Director, Shuntaro Fujita and starring Yu Shirota are the first tag!
Challenge the legendary work!
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A musical created by Broadway masters such as Arthur Copit (screenplay) and Morley Yeston (songwriter/composer) based on Federico Fellini's self-about work "8 1/2" which is famous for italian film. This film achieved 10 nominations at the Tony Awards at the time of its premiere in 1982, and won the top prize in five awards, including the Best Songwriting and Composition Award, the Best Supporting Actress Award, the Costume Design Award, and the Director's Award. When it was made into a movie in 2009 with gorgeous Hollywood actors directed by Rob Marshall and starring Daniel Day-Lewis, it was nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, etc.

and finally decided to perform in the Japanese cast!
Director Shuntaro Fujita is an up-and-coming actor who has always been a novel approach beyond the genre of musicals and plays, and made his London director debut with the off-West End musical "VIOLET" last year. The main character, also known as Fellini's own projection: In the role of Guido, Yu Shirota shows a variety of talents such as stage, video, music, production and directing with a certain ability and charismatic charm.
In addition, the cast that combines ability and flower gathers!

Please look forward to the "love story" between the film director Guido, who strays into a slump in creation, and the various women around him.
br />b>STORY>br />The film director Guido Contini (Yu Shirota) was in distress despite the impending shooting of the new film.

In such a case, the divorce is cut out by his wife, Louisa (Sakimi Yu), who because she because she was dissatisfied with her marriage. Guido fled to Venice with Louisa to repair his relationship with his wife and break the slump. The spa's Maria Harada invites her to spend her healing time in a Venetian hot spring, but there's no time to rest as the media, who sniffed out Guido's new work and the divorce crisis scandal, pushed her. On top of that, Guido's mistress, Carla, follows her and deepens her gap with her wife.
In the end, film producer La Fleul (Minami Maeda) came with her assistant and critic Neclophoras (Elyanna) to urge the script. The shooting is approaching in four days.

Guido, who was at the mercy of women and strayed from reality into the world of fantasy, returned to his childhood and went back to his mother (Toshimi Haruno). In addition, he thinks about the encounter with the prostitute Saragina (Yabi kuchina) who awakened his sexuality, and pursues the love he has lost.

The stray Guido offers her own muse, actress Claudia (Sumire), who is key to her success, to appear in the new film.

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Yu Shirota ? Mayu Saki Sumire? Kate Doi Kuchina Yabi ? Elyanna? Kaoru Harada ? Sumirei Haruno ? Minami Maeda DAZZLE ? Other


Screenplay? Arthur Copit Lyrics and composition? Morley Yeston Directing? Shuntaro Fujita (footballer, born 198


2020/11/12 (Thu) 〜2020/11/29 (Sun)

Note: Performances
November 12 (Thu) 18:00
November 15 (Sunday) 13:00
November 16 (Monday) 1 3:00
Saturday, November 21 17:00
Sunday, November 22 17:00
November 23 Holiday) 13:00
Wednesday, November 25 13:00
Thursday, November 26 13:00
November 27 Sun. (Friday) 13:00 / 18:00
Saturday, November 28, 17:00

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