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Human history.

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Run through the 100,000-year history of mankind in two hours!
Bipedal walking, language acquisition, and the evolution of expression through communication
The future of mankind continues to develop
>The future of mankind continues to evolve after overwhelming evolution by the scientific revolution. /b>br />>
KaAT, which celebrates its 10th anniversary, will challenge the magnificent stage expression that no one can imagine this fall with playwright, director and Kenichi Tani. In 2019, Tani, who cut sharply into social issues in the Fukushima Tribule, which questioned the history of Fukushima and nuclear power plants, and won the Kishida Drama Award and tsuruya North-South Drama Award, will take on the challenge of human history next. Why did we humans be able to eradicate other human species and push other strong creatures to the top of this earth? Focusing on a unique theory that reads the mystery from the special ability of "believing in fiction" that only Homo sapyence has, we draw human history with an approach unique to theater in which words, body expressions, and music are mixed together, aiming to realize a stage work with a large scale!


About 100,000 years ago. Man who was only a kind of monkey was chased around by carnivor animals, used both hands and feet to crawl around the ground, eating trees and insects. When it is, it begins bipedal walking, and the tool, the language, and the fire etc. are got, and the civilization blooms in no time, and it stands at the top of the animal world. It formed an advanced society before long, and finally it reached the mechanism of the universe by the power of science, but it was "imagination" that supported the development of the wonder, the power to see the invisible.

The story progresses as time leaps in tens of thousands of years, and "young man", "young woman" and "old man" who have the same face and appearance appear in every age and every place for some reason. They look like relationships between distant ancestors and descendants, and they look like reborn. Run through the history of mankind for 100,000 years around these three people who have the same face and figure!
br />----->br />>br />>According to [Human History], Kenichi Tani>/b>
Like angry, pause everyday life passing like a muddy stream and think about human beings. Think about life. That's the meaning of the theater. I can't help thinking that I'm living such a busy life, but I thought, "What is a human being?" The place where you can think so again is the theater. The theater is a place of ministry, a place of philosophy, a place of prayer.
This work "History of Humanity" came out greatly, but the bottom line is a growth story that depicts how mankind has grown and prospered. Why did humans overwhelm other creatures? How have you developed culture and communication? The transition is depicted in dance choreographed by Ella Whitild, music composed by Ryohei Shima, and theater. Let's pause our daily life and think about it. How did we get here today with the human race?

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Masahiro Higashide ? Natsumi Kun Kazuhiro Yamaji Yoji Akiba Atsushi Asanuma ? Sho Ijima ? Takayuki Ueda ? Yuki Okubo Yoshie Okumura ? Chestnut stuoning Ysko Koyama Mitsuhiro Tanimoto Naito Flooding ? Mai Nakabayashi Yuri Meji Junki Narasaka Akiaki Nita ? Fukuhara No. Tetsushi Muraoka


Created and directed? Kenichi Tani Music? Ryohei Shima?? h Les Cause? Choreography? Ella Hothild


2020/10/23 (Fri) 〜2020/11/3 (Tue)

Note: Performances
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Sunday, October 25 14:00
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