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"The mood is high beam! I'm going to deliver it too! 〜


Performance content

In 2020, while the planned performances will be postponed and canceled one after another, what can we, theater people do?
Corona convergence is not visible, and it will expand more and more in Tokyo, and if this situation continues, there will be no declaration of a state of emergency again.
But don't turn off the lights of the play. As long as there is a possibility, we have to make a stage! With that in mind, I planned this project, "I'm in a high mood! It is a performance of the noh title somewhere. Because it is a corona age, if you can enjoy it energetically!
That's our wish.
Six ultra-short stories and four short films are collectively divided into three performances, and performed and distributed in A-D performances.
It's easy to have fun in a short time! That's the concept of this time.
Customers will be delivered in an environment where you can enjoy the limited number of seats (we will manage the making of seats firmly in accordance with the corona measures of small theaters) & simultaneous delivery.

Don't lose! Just the feeling,
"I'm in a high mood! Tokyo Haibi-M!
Tokyo Hivim Produe
Enjoy the ultra-short theater!!

A Yudakuya's mischievous work, Takuto Kiyono
Usotsuki, Yu Yoshimura
B Kare- Japanese work, Keiko Ishimoto
Homecoming Saku Ihara Tsuruko
Yes, Saku, Yuki Kanome
>C Pressure Interview Work, Yosuke Kaneko
Goldfish Life, Keiko Ishimoto
Angel's Temptation Saku
D Naked Walk Ryohei Kushita, Booby... Cisco Anchors... Masaya Adachi

Director Yu Yoshimura

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Ryohei Kushita?? S performance? Cisco?? S performance? Kuroda Yusai?? ', B, C? Rina Shimizu?? `? ? Is it not brave on the door?? ', B, C? Chihiro Kawasaki?? ', B, C? Yuka Teshima?? ', B, C? Satoo Ogasawara?? ', B, C? Saya Inagaki?? ', B? Tonnobu Tsujimura?? ', B, C? Iida Minamiori?? x Nibara Group, A, B, C? Masaya adachi ??? ? Mayuko Ide?? o Ioline/A, B, C?


Performance A "Remembering Bench" work? Hiroyuki Urabe Performance A "Naughty of the Evening" work? Takuto Kiyono Performance A "Usotsuki" work? Yu Yoshimura ? Performance B "Kale - Japanese" work? Keiko Ishimoto Performance B "Homecoming" work? Tsuruko Ihara Performance B "Yesaai" work? Yuki Kanome Performance C "Pressure Interview" work? Yosuke Kaneko Performance C "The Life of Goldfish"? Keiko Ishimoto Performance C "The Temptation of Angels"? Yu Yoshimura ? Performance D "Walk Naked - Sadaoshiri - Z1" work? Yu Yoshimura ? Directing? Yu Yoshimura


2020/9/29 (Tue) 〜2020/10/4 (Sun)

[Performance & Cast: Daily]
09/29 (Tuesday) 19:00 [A]
09/30 (Wed) 15:0 0 [B] / 19:00 [C]
October 01 (Thursday) 19:00 [D]
October 02 (Friday) ) 15:00 [C] / 19:00 [D]
Saturday, October 03 13:00 [A] / 17:00 [B]
Sunday, October 04, 13:00[C] / 17:00[D]

(Performance time: about 45-55 minutes
For details of the performance, please check the performance contents section.)

Ticket Fee

Advance sale: 3,000 yen
(all seats reserved, tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Coffrelio Shinjuku Theatre


Regarding cancellation on the day, only customers who contacted us about poor physical condition before the performance will be refunded.
Please note that we cannot refund refunds for personal reasons other than poor physical condition.

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