50th Anniversary of Yukio Mishima's Death
Tokyo Ballet Maurice Bejar Choreography "M"

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>>50 years after Yukio Mishima's death.
Overwhelming image of the masters!

This year, 50 years after his death. Yukio Mishima is a literary artist who is still internationally regarded for his unique vivid aesthetics and ideas. In 1993, the master choreographer Maurice Bejal chose Mishima to create a ballet on the theme of "Japan" for the Tokyo Ballet.

And as Bejer said, "I created this to love poets," this work was a bold attempt to make his whole life, literature, thought, and aesthetics into a ballet, rather than to tell the story of Mishima's life and writings.

The beginning is the "sea" that often appears in Mishima's works. The boy Mishima appears from the scene of the tide noise, and begins the journey as if to reiord the history of his own soul. It is revealed that the boy is divided into four people, and the fourth is a dead man. "Kagamiko's Room", "Forbidden Color", "Kannerkan", "Afternoon Towing", "Kinkakuji"... Mishima's many masterpieces and his aesthetic motif, "St. Sebastian"...... A gleaning image unfolds on the stage, and before long, a climax filled with tension from "melancholy" to self-decision, and a return to the "sea" will come.
Masterpieces performed at the Tokyo Ballet's overseas performances, including the Paris Opera, the Milan Scala Theatre, the Berlin Deutsche Opera and the Hamburg Opera, have been recasted for the first time in 10 years to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the writer's death. Please look forward to it!

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- Ichi? Patterned bullet ? ? Shindai Miyagawa ? Yasuomi Akimoto ? Shoma Ikemoto ? St. Sebastian. Yuki Higuchi Woman? Mizuka Ueno The Moon on the Sea? Hitomi Kaneko Orange? Kanako Oki Rose? Emi Masamoto Violet? Asamiko Kawashima


Choreography, direction and costume concept? Maurice Bejal Music? Toshiro Tsuji, .Debussy, Strauss II, Satie, Wagner.


2020/10/24 (Sat) 〜2020/10/25 (Sun)

10/24 (Saturday) 14:00 start / 13:20 open
October 25 (Sunday) 14:00 start / 13:20 open

(Performance time: about 1 hour and 40 minutes)

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18名限定!S席11,000円 → 8,850円さらに6000Pゲット!(10/22 18時0分更新)
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan


Note: Performances
Saturday, October 24 14:00
Sunday, October 25 14:00
Each 8-10 people A total of 18 people
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This performance will be held with extreme care in consideration of the new Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guidelines. There may be changes in the holding of performances due to the influence of coronas in the future. Before your visit, please be sure to visit at target"_blank">. (as of May 21, 2020)

The cast is scheduled for April 20, 2020. It may be subject to change due to injury or illness of the performer, so please purchase a ticket after understanding. Tickets will not be refunded as a result of the change, and the date of the performance and the type of ticket will not be transfered. Official performers and performances will be announced on the day.

There is no break in this performance. If you are late for the performance, you will not be able to sit in your seat, so please allow plenty of time.

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